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The Refiner’s Fire

If you have ever gotten to the point where life seems to be beating you down, it’s important to remember that nothing happens in life that isn’t used by the Lord to help grow us as followers of Christ. Such was the case yesterday when we got stuck in the mud after a great weekend race in Denton TX. OK, explain how that works…gladly!

“For he will be like a refiner’s fire or a launderer’s soap.” – Malachi 3:2b

There are times when you start to think you may not need others help or friendship to make it in life. As we went to pull out of our parking spot on Monday, the coach started to spin the tires and sink. I stopped tried to gently rock it back and forth which only succeeded in making the situation worse.

I decided to use the leveling jacks to try and lift the tires so we could place some traction material under the tires. The jacks slipped off the wood I had placed under the pads and where now stuck in the ground 6 inches. At this point I knew I had to find some help…and like most guys, hated to ask for it. A quick text and call to the track owner and 30 minutes later we were on hard ground and very grateful for the help of James, Chris and Gene.

Remarkably, I didn’t get mad. Not at the situation, the people, my wife or myself. I think I’ve finally passed this test. Stuff happens in life and it all helps us grow as Christ followers. The next time you are challenged by life’s circumstances, don’t get mad, stop and ask yourself what it is the Lord wants you to learn, you just might surprise yourself in what you find out.


Adapted from ‘A Refiner’s Fire’ by Os Hillman

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