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Crazy for God

I often feel that folks see Christ followers as complete whack jobs. Seriously, at times the Lord asks us to do things or say things that go so against what society sees as the norm that you know they are whispering to themselves, there goes that goofy Christian again talking all crazy about what his God wants him to do.

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Going Without Jesus

I have either read my bible or a daily devotional nearly every day since March 3rd 2001. Not because I felt obligated or out of fear, but because I wanted to know the ways of our Father. After running my own life for 30 years and doing a pretty good job of messing it up, I knew my only hope was in Him.

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for King & Country “Fix My Eyes” LIVE

How and Where God Speaks

There are days where the noise of the world is so loud, I can barely hear my own thoughts less alone that of our Father. That is a big warning sign for me. When that happens, it’s time to take hold of my life instead of life taking hold of me.

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God’s Double-Talk

Relationship, relationship, relationship…let me shake that bush one more time! We can never get where God wants us to go without a daily relationship with Him. It’s simply not possible. Imagine only checking in with you wife, husband or children once a week. It would be impossible for you to chart a course forward. Yet that is what many Christ followers do with our Father.

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