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Working Versus Striving

This devotional is a great reminder for all of us, especially for those who own their own business or are in a place of leadership. The only way to know the Lord’s will for your life is to know the Lord. If you seek after Him in all you do, there is no way for you to possibly miss what He wants you to do for Him.

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Third Day – I Need A Miracle

Life is never hopeless when you rely on the Lord!

Becoming a Mighty Man

Sometimes I wonder if I’m up for the tasks the Lord has given me in life, especially when things go wrong or the path becomes difficult with never ending challenges. I often stop and question my direction and if I’m really doing what He wants me to do.

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When God Seems Far Away

The other day, after what seemed like months without having the opportunity to speak, I had a 2 hour conversation with one of my oldest and dearest friends. We’ve know each other for nearly 30 years, both love the Lord, are retired professionals from public service and each own a business.

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Avoiding Self-Based Faith

Leading of the Lord…this is how we operate our business. We tried to do it man’s way at first, but it simply did not work. Everything we did to grow or prosper the company had little or no results. When we ‘finally let go and let God’, everything changed. How we operated the business is all based on faith. The Lord brings the increase and directs our path. When it’s time for a new person, another piece of equipment or to expand our reach, He signals the change and we follow.

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