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Finding Favour “Cast My Cares”

Waiting for the Lord

In a society driven by instant gratification, it’s hard for people to wait for just about anything. It has been my experience that the Lord gives us what we need in perfect time with His plan for our lives.

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Presumption Versus Faith

Stand down! I’ve heard that said many times over the years in person, on TV and the radio. It’s always said in a command voice and means to urgently stop doing whatever you are doing and step back from the situation or person. It nearly always is meant to prevent harm or death, especially in a military of police setting.

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Second Chances

Many years ago I preached a sermon titled ‘The King of Second Chances’. It was based on King David’s fall from grace and subsequent repentance and forgiveness. The scripture I used was Psalm 51:7-17 where David sought the Lords forgiveness for his sins and asked Him to restore his joy.

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Beware of the Thief

As we head into the home stretch of summer. Many folks will be looking to take that last break before the kids go back to school or the fall hits with all of it’s various activities. These are the times we must remember to stay close to the Lord.

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