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Working Versus Striving

Relationship, relationship, relationship. I know I write about this all the time, but it’s the only way to discern the will of God for our lives. If you are to know when to do something or when not to do something, the only way you will know is how the Lord speaks to you in a given situation.

Open or closed doors, finances, the right people, the right equipment are all ways the Lord speaks to us in how we operate our business. The best one is when something looks like it’s the perfect answer to a question or problem and yet it does not happen. We found what we thought was the perfect motorhome for the second unit. By the time we could talk to the people about buying it, it was sold. It was obviously not God’s will for that situation. We knew there must be something better…and there was. What we ended up buying filled the need, was affordable and yes…all white with no graphics just like the other motorhome.

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Being a Person Under Authority

After nearly 30 years in the military, I understand being under authority. As an enlisted man you always worked for someone. Perhaps it was your flight chief or the aircraft commander or the squadron commander, regardless, you took orders from someone above you. There are no positions in the military, officer or enlisted, that allowed you absolute authority, even the presidents have to answer for their actions.

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A Two-Way Relationship

We got an unusual break last month, 3 weeks at ‘home’. I say ‘home’ because we live full time in the motorhome, but we were back at our base in Georgia the whole time, it was nice to say the least. While there were many tasks to accomplish during our down time, there were few, if any, demands on our time.

Over the years, we have talked about finding a place where we could park both production vehicles, house our offices and store our personal items we have no room for on the road. I took it upon my self to do some searching and found a few places that were of interests. We went and looked at 3 that seemed to have potential with one in particular that appeared to be perfect. We contacted the realtor and asked about the specifics of that one. Now it was time to pray for direction. The Lord did not wasted anytime in answering our prayer, it was not time.

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Tests of the Heart

As we get ready for the next leg in our season, we are making preparations for many long days with week after week on the road. It is the part of the season that will test who you are as an individual, your family and your motives for doing what you. It is our desert season and it comes every year.

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Sowing in Tears

When ever I write about the problems we experience in our business, I’m always quickly reminded that our difficulties are nothing in comparison to the troubles other deal with on a daily basis. It may be a sudden and unexpected death, cancer, Alzheimer’s or some other life threatening and debilitating problem that makes anything we may be dealing with seem like child’s play.

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Obedience With a Cost

This morning it dawned on me that when trouble comes, it’s designed to bring the Lord greater glory than we can see or understand. The exodus from Egypt, and all of the miracles that came during that time, set the foundation that created some of the greatest faith stories in all of the Bible. Even though at times Moses and others faith may have faltered, the results ultimate brought great glory to our Father.

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