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Avoiding Self-Based Faith

I remember when I was living apart from God. I knew I needed a relationship with Him, but kept putting it off because I wanted to ‘get my life right’ before I came back to the Fathers house. I guess I wanted something along the line of a conquering hero’s welcome. Believing that was the way it was suppose to be was a big lie.

In all actuality, I found it was much better for me to come to Him in my brokenness. He accepted me right where I was with no preconditions. Coming humbly before the Lord, in itself, taught me the lesson of grace. He accepted me with all of the ugliness of my sin and choose to forgive me completely.

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Tests of the Heart

As we get ready for the next leg in our season, we are making preparations for many long days with week after week on the road. It is the part of the season that will test who you are as an individual, your family and your motives for doing what you. It is our desert season and it comes every year.

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Sowing in Tears

When ever I write about the problems we experience in our business, I’m always quickly reminded that our difficulties are nothing in comparison to the troubles other deal with on a daily basis. It may be a sudden and unexpected death, cancer, Alzheimer’s or some other life threatening and debilitating problem that makes anything we may be dealing with seem like child’s play.

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Obedience With a Cost

This morning it dawned on me that when trouble comes, it’s designed to bring the Lord greater glory than we can see or understand. The exodus from Egypt, and all of the miracles that came during that time, set the foundation that created some of the greatest faith stories in all of the Bible. Even though at times Moses and others faith may have faltered, the results ultimate brought great glory to our Father.

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Seeing the Works of God

Hebrews 11:1 ‘Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.’ Turmoil seems to be the word of the day in the world of drag racing. From changes in racing groups to new car testing, something new or untried always seems to come up in the ever shrinking off season of our sport.

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The Proper Foundation

At the end of last year we sent a proposal for a title advertising program off to a major corporation looking to increase their brand awareness. We had a meeting in early December that went very well. We walked away with a sense that this deal really could happen. Unfortunately since then there has basically been no response.

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