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Learning to Stand

Over the last few weeks, we have lost nearly $25,000. Between weather canceled events and unexpected equipment repairs, the hits just kept on coming. With other challenges looming in the future, it has been unnerving to say the least…quit has never looked better.

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Perception Is Not Reality

I love our Fathers timing in how He speaks to me as an individual and us as His children. Since I started writing these supplemental devotionals, each time this particular devotional about perception comes through the rotation, it speaks specifically to my current situation.

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Performing Miracles With Your Staff

As I listened to a message from Steven Furtick this past week, I heard this statement from the Lord, “We underestimate what we can do with what He has given us.” Let that thought sink in for a moment and think about where you live, what you do for a living and the talents and gifts the Lord has given you to accomplish the work He has set down for you.

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Being a Person Under Authority

After nearly 30 years in the military, I understand being under authority. As an enlisted man you always worked for someone. Perhaps it was your flight chief or the aircraft commander or the squadron commander, regardless, you took orders from someone above you. There are no positions in the military, officer or enlisted, that allowed you absolute authority, even the presidents have to answer for their actions.

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A Two-Way Relationship

We got an unusual break last month, 3 weeks at ‘home’. I say ‘home’ because we live full time in the motorhome, but we were back at our base in Georgia the whole time, it was nice to say the least. While there were many tasks to accomplish during our down time, there were few, if any, demands on our time.

Over the years, we have talked about finding a place where we could park both production vehicles, house our offices and store our personal items we have no room for on the road. I took it upon my self to do some searching and found a few places that were of interests. We went and looked at 3 that seemed to have potential with one in particular that appeared to be perfect. We contacted the realtor and asked about the specifics of that one. Now it was time to pray for direction. The Lord did not wasted anytime in answering our prayer, it was not time.

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