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Modeling Christ to Your Employer

Can you lead from the middle of the pack? This was the question a former Air Force enlisted aircrew manager use to ask the middle managers, those in the ranks of E-4 through E-6, during our annual leadership conference. Some thought it impossible to have an impact unless you were the leader, others were not sure and a few would answer yes. The correct answer is yes. As a minimum you can lead through your attitude and actions.

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Obedience Leads to Life

As a controller, one who wants to decide when and what and how something is going to be done, the hardest thing for me to do was let go and let God take charge of my life. I was certain if I did not make things happen, then my life would be a mess. That was my premise, absolute control by me for me.

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Called to Craftsmanship

Shortly before I surrendered my life to the Lord, He called me to start JAMA Racing Ministry so we could minister to His people at the races. Yes, He called me before I surrendered. That really messed with some peoples theology on how God is suppose to call someone into ministry.

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The Error of Positive Thinking

Many years ago, before I was walking with the Lord each day, I purchased a popular self help program off of late night television. It included a book along with video and audio tapes. The author stated that you could become successful in any endeavor if you followed his tried and true methods of positive thinking…what a bunch of bologna!

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Why God Blesses

This past weekend, we got to interact with some of the top names in NHRA drag racing. For a racing junkie like myself, it does not get any better than to be invited into the pit area (on the other side of the ropes) to interview top fuel, funny car, pro stock car and motorcycle drivers along with some of the best sportsman racers in the business. How did we get selected for such an honor? Please read on.

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