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Going Against Public Opinion

We live in a society filled with political correctness. It seems, at times, our leaders would rather please the few than go on record to do the right thing. What’s worse is when men and women who profess faith in Jesus are willing to go against what they know is true based on the word of God.

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Loose Your Donkey

Twice in three days the Lord has brought the importance of our work and it’s impact on the Kingdom to our attention. That means He really wants us to look around and understand our position in the world and how we can use that setting to influence others for the cause of Christ.

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Saved From Such Men

I have to ask myself this morning, whom do I serve and why?


Saved From Such Men
by Os Hillman

“O Lord, by Your hand save me from such men, from men of this world whose reward is in this life….” – Psalm 17:14

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