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Cast Your Cares on Him

Last night I wasn’t feeling very good. I had a throbbing sinus headache and the medicine I took appeared to do nothing, so I knew my best bet was to head off to an early bedtime. Rest almost always allows my body to heal itself.

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Jesus Culture Break Every Chain

Our One True God

I had no idea what was missing in my life. There was ‘something’ I’d lost that I could not put my finger on. It was an unquenchable thirst, a hunger that could not be met. It did not matter what I did or how I tried to fill the void…it was never satisfied.

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David Dunn “Oh Come Oh Come Emmanuel”

The Power of Serving Others

Yesterday this devotional captivated my imagination with the possibilities of how our Father operates. The intricacies of His plans and how what one person does impacts another person and then how that person impacts others because of one seemingly random act boggles the mind.

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