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Living a Life of Conviction

Do the actions of our lives reflect who we say we are in Christ? Do the words we speak and the things our eyes see bring glory to our Lord? Let us examine ourselves and if necessary seek His forgiveness. We live in a crazy world, in crazy times. People need to see and know the love of Jesus now more than ever. Let our lives reflect Him and not the world.

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Unspoken “Good Fight”

Peace-A Weapon Against Satan

Our enemy continually tries to steal our peace and ultimately our joy by creating doubt about our lives and our calling. As we journey through life, things happen, good and bad. In both instances I’m remind of who our Father is and how much He loves us. How is that possible?

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David’s Source of Direction

Yesterday was one of those days you never want to have, yet they happen and you just have to work through it. You must stay calm, take a deep breath, say a quick prayer and press on. We did survive, the show went on and we had an overall good day despite the equipment and weather challenges.

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The Training Ground of God

The Lord continues to speak to me in specifics through my morning devotionals. This word from the Lord exemplifies His personal relationship and intimate knowledge of who we are and what is happening in our lives.

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