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It's not about making a point…let's make a difference

Be The Light

As Christ followers we need to help others as we walk through life. Join us tomorrow morning as we talk about how the Lord would have us do that.


Brace For Impact!

The world has lost it’s mind, the news is not far behind. What should a Christ follower do?

Glad you asked, join us at 7:25 tomorrow morning to hear what the Lord has put on my heart.


A Confident God

There is so much I have to talk about how our God is confident, competent, all knowing, all seeing and ever present in our lives.

Join us at 7:25 tomorrow morning to hear more.


The Fourth Day

James said we need to do what the word says we should do. The disciples realized this on the fourth day. Once they saw the truth of the risen Christ, it changed everything. It should for you too.

Join us at 7:25 Sunday for chapel service.


A Second Chance at Life

Nearly every Christ follower can point to one significant event or person that started his journey home. For some the journey is quick, for others it’s long and filled with many signs from the Lord as He works to get our attention.

In Luke Jesus recounts the story of the lost son and his journey home.

Perhaps you are on a similar journey, join us at 7:25 Sunday morning as we celebrate the gift of Jesus.  https://youtu.be/bOgIUcQBX7U

All Things New

Sometimes I think we celebrate a new year, a new beginning, in the wrong season. Traditionally we do it in the dead of winter. Think about that, we celebrate the new when everything around us is dormant or dead. Why not in the spring at Easter time? The celebration of His resurrection is significant, but do you really understand what it means?

Join us tomorrow as we explore and celebrate the new life we have in Christ.


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