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Danny Gokey – Hope In Front of Me

Presumption Versus Faith

God helps those who help themselves…while this is a great motto for self initiative, it’s not scriptural. There is a fine line between using the talents our Father has given us and self promotion. As the Lord broadens our path through the real possibility of TV production, I started to think about the opportunities we may have and the types of applications for the new venture. When you have as much windshield time as we’ve had the last 7 weeks, it’s hard not to dream a little.

Yesterday, on our final leg home from the Northern Lights Tour 2014, I engaged in such dreaming and discussions with my wife. As I talked about all of the possibilities this new program could bring, I threw idea after idea out about how we could capitalize on this new portion of our business. As I pontificated, she remained silent…that’s always a good indicator that something is my idea and not the Lord’s.

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Small Things

God rarely elevates a person to a position of authority overnight. There is always a training ground we must go through to get to where the Lord wants us to be. Paul spent years under the great Jewish teacher Gamaliel as well as learned the ways of the west by living in the crossroads city of Tarsus. It was through his education in the scriptures and his knowledge of western society that he fulfilled his calling to reach the gentiles for Christ.

I can look at my own life and see how the Lord has used all of my education, both secular and religious, to bring me to the place He has me today. Through the church He equipped me to reach out to those around me in the world of motorsports. From a small beginning 8 years ago, our company has grown from a single camera operation to 2 units with multiple cameras in HD quality.

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Experiencing God in Your Business

I’ve always played it safe. Instead of taking a risk, I’d rather go down the path of a sure thing. That was how I operated in life before the Lord got hold of me on March 3rd, 2001. The ride since then has been simply incredible. I have done things and experienced more life than I thought possible. This after nearly 30 years in the military and traveling all over the world. I was always a bit of an adrenalin junkie, but this is so much more than that.

It was not easy trusting Him with my life, but that’s what it took. I had to get out of my ‘boat of safety’ to have the life the Lord planned for me from the beginning of time.

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Finding Meaning in Our Labor

It was the fall of 2008, I had just returned from spending the summer ‘up north’ ministering. In my quiet time the Lord said He needed me to step down as the chaplain of one of the last racing organizations we ministered in. The faltering economy had taken it’s toll on many of the groups we raced and ministered in leaving only a handful.

At that point, I wasn’t sure what I was suppose to do. It seemed like the Lord was shutting down the ministry, or at least removed me from what I had been doing. He led us to help with a local church plant in a small town 30 miles south of our home. I thought He might have me help with their 20 something ministry, so I volunteered to minister there and with the tech department in the church. There was no connection…N O T H I N G. I was mystified by our Lords silence. I had never experienced anything of this nature. I felt like all I was doing was spinning my wheels.

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