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God’s Double-Talk

Relationship, relationship, relationship…let me shake that bush one more time! We can never get where God wants us to go without a daily relationship with Him. It’s simply not possible. Imagine only checking in with you wife, husband or children once a week. It would be impossible for you to chart a course forward. Yet that is what many Christ followers do with our Father.

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David’s Armor

God has uniquely gifted each of us with certain talents. Some it may be an ability to craft items with our hands. Others may have the ability to invent new items or ways of doing things. Each individual has been given a specific talent or ability that fits into the grand plan of the Master.

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The Power of Unity

When we first started JAMA Racing Ministry, we made two significant decisions. One, we would not take an offering and only rely on the Lord for provision for the ministry. The second, we would never seek ministry opportunities by asking to minister at a given event. We would wait for the Lord to open those doors for us. Both of these decisions were made because that is what the Lord wanted us to do.

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When Insecurity Turns Evil

For a variety of reasons, I had big trust issues prior to my surrender to the Lord. I was afraid of not having enough…enough, food, enough money, enough stuff and especially not enough love. My insecurity lead me to be the captain of my own destiny. I would do what it took to secure my own happiness…whatever it took. I played by my rules and as long as I didn’t get caught, it was all good.

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An Audience of One

What would you be willing to do to make a living? Let me rephrase that, what principles would you be willing to compromise to pay the bills? Christ followers are tempted daily to look the other way or accept a ‘little white lie’ to get by. It is our responsibility to say no when we are confronted with this type of behavior.

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