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I’m a go along, get along kind of person. I do not like controversy or relish confrontation. That doesn’t mean I won’t stand up for myself in a given situation, but at times, discretion is the better part of valor. Yes, sometimes it’s more profitable to walk away then stand and fight.

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“King Of My Heart” by Love & The Outcome

Our Plans and God’s Plans

God’s ways, not mine…God’s will, not mine. I use to be a long term planner. I had nearly every situation in life planned out and knew where ‘I’ was headed. I believed I had a great life complete in every way possible, that was until I met my Savior face to face.

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Hillsong Young & Free “Wake” LIVE

God’s Recruitment Strategy for Leaders

Many years ago a pastor friend made this statement during one of his sermons, “If someone can write a check to solve your problem, then you don’t really have a problem.” Think about that, if you are in a tough spot in life, does it need man’s hand, something another person can do for you, or does it need divine intervention?

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