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David’s Armor

I often struggled with the path the Lord has chosen for me, marketplace ministry. Time and time again I wonder if I am doing the right thing, did I hear His voice correctly. Just when I think I might should do something different, He shows me I am exactly where He wants me. I can honestly say this is a struggle all of us go through from time to time.

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Self-Deliverance (Do or Do Not)

‘They’ call it silly season in the motorsports world. It’s the time of year when there are many uncertainties in how, who, what or when things will happen in drag racing. Yup, tons of movement and even more none movement in our sport these days. It really is hard to figure out where things are going with all the craziness we are seeing with the various associations and promoters we work with.

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A Shoe Salesman

As I look back over the last 16 years as a Christ follower, I’m realizing how much my beliefs and views of our Lord has changed. As a young follower, my ideas of a model believer, worshiper and pastor were defined by man. Those beliefs have been dramatically changed as I’ve read His word, listen to the messages of many godly men and followed His leading for my life.

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Is Perception Reality?

Many years ago I heard Bishop TD Jakes talking about mountain top experiences and what you can expect after you’ve been there. He said, and I paraphrase, “When the Lord leads you to a mountaintop experience, there will always be a fresh devil waiting at the bottom of the hill to steal your joy.” If I had a nickel for every time this happened…yes, the enemy will always try to steal your joy, ALWAYS!

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A Good Good Father

I’m reminded this morning that not only is He the God of the universe, but He is a Father who loves us beyond anything we can comprehend. Spend a few minutes this morning worshiping Him!

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