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Belief or Unbelief

Some years ago I was looking for a way to express the definition of faith outside of the scriptures…to put it in the vernacular so to speak. I don’t remember where I found this, but it hit the nail on the head. “Faith is believing in what you can’t see, following a voice you can’t prove you heard and living by principles that God says are true but don’t make sense in this world.”

Over the years, the Lord has asked us to do things that did not fit into the logic pattern of man. Start a ministry to racers with no experience as a baby Christ Followers. Move from traditional ministry to marketplace ministry when we didn’t have a business to minister through. Start a live event streaming business when we really had no idea what we were doing.

Each time we obeyed, even when it looked like complete madness, especially by mans standards. The end result of saying yes was the opportunity to bring Him glory. Today we are blessed with a business that has become a leader in it’s industry through very unconventional means. Because of our willingness to step out in faith, we have been given the opportunity to minister to folks we would have never had the opportunity to do so.

Each day we make choices. Some of those are straight forward and easy, other times not so much and will require real faith to move forward. What are you being asked to do, what paradigm is He wanting you to break? Time for prayer, it’s the only way to find the answer.


Belief or Unbelief
by Os Hillman

“…Abraham believed God, and it was credited to him as righteousness.” – Romans 4:3

You can be a believer yet act as though there is no God. Whenever you fret over life circumstances, you immediately demonstrate unbelief. Whenever you move out of fear or anxiety, you believe a lie about God’s nature.

Each day your actions affirm or convict you of your belief system. It reveals who the central focus of your life really is – you or God. It reveals who you place your ultimate trust in – you or God. It is one of the great paradoxes for believers. One day we can believe Him to move mountains. The next day we can question His very existence.

– Peter believed God and walked on water.
– A sick woman touched the hem of His garment and was healed.
– A Canaanite woman believed and freed her daughter from demon-possession.

In what circumstances do you act as an “unbeliever”? Ask God to increase your level of trust so that your actions match up with one who believes every day.

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