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What Are Your Intentions?

If you have daughter and a young man comes knocking on the door, often a father will ask what his intentions are when it comes to his daughter. That can be very intimidating!

Most successful people declare what they are going to do in life, should you? What does God have to say on this subject? Join us at 8:25 tomorrow morning to hear more.


I Give You Peace, Not the World

Theses are the times that try men’s souls are words made famous by Thomas Paine, founding father and great American patriot.

Peace in your heart, mind and soul is very elusive these days. It seems to be on back order all across the world. There is much to be concerned about, but little the average person can do. Hopelessness is the order of the day. This is how the world operates.

Our God works on a completely different level and is the one who provides peace to His children especially in times we find ourselves in these days. Need peace, join me at 8:25 Sunday morning to hear more. 


Get Out of the Boat!

Much has been said about Peter’s faith, or lack there of, when he started to sink after getting out of the boat. I have one question, what about the rest of the guys in the boat? None of them even attempted to step out. Yeah it’s one of those kind of messages. Join me at 7:25 to hear more.


Undercover Christians

There are many types of people in the world. Some are nice some are not and some you’re just not sure of. I have also found there are different kinds of Christians in the Kingdom. Some have head knowledge of what the bible says, but don’t understand the heart of Christ or how to express it.

There’s a great story in scripture about just such a guy, Nicodemus. Can’t wait to tell you all the Lord revealed to me this week about him and his story. Join me at 8:25 to learn more.


What’s Missing?

He thought he had it all until he realized he was missing something. So he chased man dream after man dream only to be left wanting and still looking. No matter how hard he tried, he still came up empty. Join me Sunday morning at 8:25 eastern to hear more about a man’s life that changed in an instant.



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