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The Goodness of God

This past week I was struct by the reality of the goodness of our Lord. As I continue to read through the bible, I have become keenly aware of the turmoil of His chosen people during the various reigns of the kings. The turmoil and chaos reigned as they walked further from the Lord. When they sought the Lord and vowed to follow Him, their lives became better and peace resided in their land.

So it is with His people today, we must seek Him every moment of every day.

Join us at 7:25 Sunday morning to hear what the Lord showed me this week.


If God is for You…

With credibility shrinking across all aspects of life, you have to ask your self who do you trust?

Join us tomorrow morning at 7:25 as we talk about who’s on your side in this crazy world we find ourselves living in!


Still Lord?!

If you don’t get what you prayed for, is He still Lord? What if the illness isn’t cured, is He still Lord? All to often we want life our way, not His.

Join us tomorrow morning as we look at His enduring love for us and how it impacts our lives.


The Power of Worship

When life comes against you how do you respond? The enemy would have us become angry and blame others. That’s not how Jesus would have us react.

Join us at 7:25 Sunday morning to see how worship can be used as a weapon against the enemy.


Fully Rely On God

It’s never easy to step out of your comfort zone to do something different. Can you imagine how it must feel to be asked to do something you’ve never done and have no clue how to do it?

It happens more often than you think with God’s people. But what, where and how do I know it’s Him?

Join us tomorrow morning at 7:25 as we talk of the call of the Lord on our lives.



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