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Forgive All

Yesterday was a very frustrating day.  It seemed like every time I tried to get something done, I was stopped by something outside of my control.  A couple of the items were resolved, but it looks like one significant inconvenience will not be.  Can we work around it, certainly, just an aggravation.
Realizing we would have to live with the situation at bed time was not the best thing for me.  I have a tendency to make bad decisions when it’s late and I’m tired.  I realize that and normally would not….but oh the aggravation…  As I laid there stewing over what to do, my wife, out of the blue, reminded me we are to take every though captive to Christ.  Even though I didn’t want to, I knew she was right and the best thing to do was give it to the Lord and go to sleep
This morning, still a little aggravated over the inconvenience, the Lord reminded me of the message I just preached a few weeks ago about forgiveness through todays devotional from Family Life Radio…and so that is what I must do, forgive them.

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Decision Point, Part 2 – The Big Picture

Any decision we make will always impact others. Sometimes it’s no big deals and other times it is massive in nature. Jesus made a decision to die for all of us, He saw the big picture. Can you see the impact your decisions are making in your life? Join us tomorrow as we talk more about our decisions and their impact in part 2 of our current series Decision Point.



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