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Great Things for God

Every journey in life has its moments of clarity, where purpose and ambition intersect with faith. Maybe you’ve felt it, that tug at your heart urging you to seek a greater purpose, to move beyond the horizon you’ve always known. You might be wondering where this drive comes from and how to align it with God’s plan for you and your life.

It’s easy to wax nostalgic and live on the success and memories of the past. You have to ask yourself one question, is that what the Lord wants me to do with my talents and gifts? The answer is no!

Join us Sunday morning at 7:05 as we talk about doing great things for God!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0tfkTIZCJk

Gift of the Magi

We do certain things in anticipation of certain results. But what happens when you’ve been following a star with the idea in mind that it will lead you to something spectacular but, instead, it leads you to something humble and unassuming?

What do you do when, after dreaming that you will find a pot of gold at the end of your rainbow, you end up beside a rusting, empty pot? Instead of finding the pomp and ceremony of a regal king in a palace, the wise men that followed a promising bright star for so long found themselves in a humble dwelling with a little toddler in the arms of his teen-aged mother.

Join us at 7:05 tomorrow morning as we talk about the great gift of all time, Jesus.


Just Be

In the whirlwind of our bustling world, where time races and the demands of life tug relentlessly at every step, take a moment to step out of the chaos. Breathe. Exhale. Feel the weight of the world begin to lift as you immerse your weary heart and mind in the gentle embrace of God’s Word and unwavering promises.

Join us at 7:05 Sunday morning as we expound on how much the Lord loves and cares for us and is ever present and watchful in our lives.

Just Be

Through Rose Colored Glasses

Truth is ever so elusive these days. I honestly struggle with believing much of anything when it comes to the leadership placed above us in positions of authority. From the government to the media, the half-truths and outright lies are everyday occurrences. I’ve come to a place in my life where the realities of the world are nearly unbelievable. The world, aka the enemy, will have you looking through those rose-colored glasses and wants you to live by their views. Instead of seeing the realities of this world, you see the lies of this life.

But as Christ followers, we have a secret weapon, the Holy Spirit. He is the ultimate authority on truth and the giver of life.

Join us tomorrow morning at 7:05 as the Lord reveals His truth to us!


Highway to Hell

Forgiveness constantly flows out of God’s loving nature. It is who He is and has been from the very beginning. From Adam and Eve, to David, to this present day when we accept Jesus Christ and ask for forgiveness, He doesn’t count our sins against us.

Join us tomorrow morning at 7:05 as we take another look at Forgiveness and it’s impact on us as Christ followers.


Right In Front of You

Have you ever struggled to see something right in front of you? Perhaps you looked all over the house for your glasses, keys or something else, only to look over them numerous times, finally seeing them at last.

That can be the case with our salvation – the gifts God has made available to us through the death burial and resurrection of His son. So many things belong to us as His redeemed, but we struggle to see them until the Holy Spirit opens our eyes.

The men on the road to Emmaus, were broken, dismayed and downtrodden and walked with Jesus and didn’t even know it.

Join us tomorrow morning at 7:05 as we worship the Lord and speak to the subject of walking with the Lord.


Fear Not, HE is With Us

Just as every grain of sand on a beach is unique, so is God’s individual love for each of us. When you begin to grasp the concept of His love, your perspective shifts. The gospel becomes not just stories from a distant past but living truths that personally speak into your life.

As you start recognizing His love in your everyday life, you’ll find the gospel becoming more real and intimate to you than ever before.

Join us tomorrow morning at 7:05 as we talk how we are never out of His sight as we walk through life.



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