It's not about making a point…let's make a difference


Rest an Anxious Mind

This has been a heck of a week! Anxious may not be the right adjective for where I was Wednesday and Thursday. But the Lord showed me a few things He’d like me to share with you. Join us early at 7:25 to hear more.



What Controls You?

The world impacts us on a daily basis. Sometimes it can be an hour by hour experience. But does it have to be that way? Join us tomorrow morning at 8:25 to see that it does not. Knowledge is power!


His Incredible Plan

Every time I try to figure out what I’m suppose to be doing, I get it wrong. The key word in there is I. The Lord has set me straight on a few things this week. You might be surprised on what those things are. Join us at 8:25 Sunday morning to hear more.


More For Us

There are days the enemy will try to back you into a corner and declare you are all alone. That’s simply a lie. Time after time the Lord has shown His hand strong for all to see. Join us at 8:25 to hear more.


In His Hands

It seems that every time I open a devotional or daily scripture, the Lord is telling me He has this. I can tell you today I needed that!

Join us tomorrow morning at 8:00 AM to discuss how He handles everything if you’ll just let Him.



Ohana, it translates in part as family from the Hawaiian language. Does it apply to us as Christ followers, yes. Does it have a much deeper meaning, oh yeah. Join us tomorrow morning at 8:25 for more ohana.


Whose Battle Is It?

Do you need to defend yourself? I’m not talking about defending yourself from physical harm, but against people who talk ugly about you or do things to harm your reputation. What’s your responsibility and how do you handle it? Join us early tomorrow at 7:25 to hear more!

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