It's not about making a point…let's make a difference


Call Me

Believe, seek, follow…many years ago the Lord gave me that phrase. The explanation of the phrase is simple, but the answer to the questions it raises are complex and needed for the times we live in as Christ followers.


Trust Me, I’ve Got This

When trouble comes, our first response is that God has missed a step, was caught off-guard or has completely forgotten His promise. We are tempted to question why things happened the way they did or how we arrived at our present circumstance. What we have to decide is if we are going to trust Him and His plans for us.


Speak Life – The Eeyore Syndrome

Why does there always seems to be that one guy or gal that can’t seem to find anything in life to be happy about. You know the eternal pessimist, the one that just seems to walk through life with a rain cloud over their head. Is that person you or do you know someone who is, then this message is for you.

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