It's not about making a point…let's make a difference


A Bit of a Mess, Final Chapter

Today we finish our impromptu series about eh 7 things the Lord has spoke to us over the last many months. Today we tackle us, the Christ followers of today and what we should be doing in the times we find ourselves in.

Join us early tomorrow at 7 AM eastern and don’t forget to set you clocks ahead tonight!


A Bit of a Mess

Life is upside down these days. It seems nothing makes sense in our state, our country and even the world. What should we do, how can we deal with all the crazy? The Lord has given me 7 truths we can live by in these days. Join us at 8:25 tomorrow morning to hear what He’s telling me, just perhaps it will help you.


What Shall I Do?

Has the world completely lost it’s mind in the last 10 days? Sure seems like it. So as a believer what can I do, how should I react and how should I act? Join us at 8:25 Sunday morning to learn what the Lord shared with me this week.

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