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There are times when we lose focus on our priorities and life gets out of whack. That’s been the case for me the last little while.

It doesn’t have to be a bad thing that causes this, sometimes it can be a wonderful part of life that causes us to lose our life balance.

Join us at 7:05 Sunday morning as we talk about Godly priorities and how they keep our lives in balance.

As We Go

One of the biggest downfalls in serving the Lord is our own misunderstanding about what that’s supposed to look like. We often allow what others do for the Kingdom negatively impact our thoughts on what we should do for the Kingdom, or what the Lord has call you to do for Him.

Is it serve in the nursery or kids church or the youth of are you call to preach or maybe start a church or is it as simple as minister as we go on the highways and byways of life?

Join us tomorrow morning at 7:05 as we discuss what service looks like in today’s world.

Faith Prevails

In our scripture today Jesus had just finished the sermon on the mount when He goes to Capernaum. There He encounters a delegation sent by a Roman centurion. The official is requesting Jesus’ healing of a servant. Although the Jewish people didn’t much care for the Romans, this man is an exception. Not only has the centurion shown respect for the Jewish nation and helped with the construction of a synagogue, he also values his servant who is sick. This servant may very well be a Jew.

We see great examples of faith in scripture. In this passage Luke brings out the importance of authority and shows how our understanding of the Lords authority is explained through man’s eyes and understanding.

Join us at 7:05 Sunday morning as we explore heavens authority on earth.

The Grace of God: Our Peace and Hope

Before Jesus, I did what I wanted, when I wanted and with whom I wanted. I had the fruits of this world, money, cars, elicit relationships and more. You would think I had it all, but there was one thing missing, happiness, joy, peace and hop.

I believed the lies of the enemy that thing would make me content with life, I was wrong, dead wrong and nearly cost me everything. I lived under what one could say was the old testament law where I had to appease an angry God.

Join us tomorrow at 7:05 as we walk through the Grace of our Lord and it’s impact on our lives.

**Don’t forget we celebrate communion tomorrow**

12 Notes

When Jesus walked this earth, He didn’t go around healing at will. He never performed a miracle just to demonstrate who He was. He only acted on the faith of those who pursued Him.

Jesus was on His way to heal the daughter of Jairus. As always, the multitudes crowded around Him. It was almost impossible to get near Jesus. His popularity had spread far and wide. He was know for accomplishing many miracles, signs and wonders. But yet there was a woman who’s persistence in seeking Jesus would heal her life.

Join us Sunday morning at 7:05 as we look at the faith of 2 very different people and the application of that faith to our lives.

Sacrifice and Service – United in Humility

Jesus, fully aware of His God-given authority, takes on the role of a servant. “He rose from supper. He laid aside his outer garments, and taking a towel, tied it around his waist. Then he poured water into a basin and began to wash the disciples’ feet and to wipe them with the towel that was wrapped around him”.

This humble act by Jesus is an example of servant leadership, a concept often discussed but rarely embodied to this extent.

Join us Sunday morning at 7:05 as we talk about the sacrifice and service we should exemplify as Christ followers.

The Devil’s in the Details!

Have you ever ventured outside at night, where it’s pitch black, no light, no stars, just black and the territory is unfamiliar? Did you carry a flashlight or use your phone’s light to guide your steps? Okay, apply that same scenario to uncertainties in life.

Much like a flashlight, the Holy Spirit is available to guide you, illuminating what is needed to nurture your faith. Your ever-present helper is always available to whisper directions and brighten your path when the crossroads of life seem daunting or uncertain.

Join us tomorrow morning at 7:05 as we explore how the Lord guides us through His Spirit.

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