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We Are His Chosen

How does the Lord see us? Time and time again He’s shown us in scripture and through our daily lives how He chose us and wants to bless us. But how does that happen?

Join us Sunday morning at 7:25 to hear what He has to say on the topic.

Living Life Today

Times are tough, or are they? Have we been at this place in time, in relatives terms, before?

Life is about perspectives and priorities. Who do we trust to see us through it, that’s the real question.

Join us tomorrow morning at 7:25 as we unpack this weeks message from the Lord.

My Plan Is Always Best

I walk through life seeking the Lords will, I see Him daily, sometimes hourly for how He would have me act and react to life.

This past week He showed me some truths and tools He wants me to share with you.

Join us at 7:25 Sunday morning as we learn and hear from the Lord.


Just what is freedom? I’m not talking about the dictionary definition, I’m talking about the personal definition.

What does freedom mean to you? How do you gain it, how do you exercise it?

All good questions that need answers as Christ followers in today’s world.

Join us at 7:25 tomorrow morning to hear more on the subject.

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