It's not about making a point…let's make a difference


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This, Too, Shall Pass

The last few weeks have been hard for all of us, regardless of where you live on our little planet. Let me remind you this did not catch our Father off guard or by surprise.

Join us at 8:25 Sunday morning to here what the Lord has to say about things happening in the world.



When ever you try to do something great for God, expect there to be distractions…SQUIRREL…that will steal your time, energy and peace of mind. Dealing with it is key, but how? Join us at 7:25 tomorrow morning with part 4 of our series, Live, Love and Leadership based on the book of Nehemiah.


Together We are Better!

How do you get a diverse group of people, with different back grounds and abilities, to taken on a God size task? Pray a lot! That’s a good place to start for certain. Join us at 7:25 Sunday morning to hear more as we continue with our current series, Life, Love and Leadership a study from the book of Nehemiah.

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