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Warning Signs, Part 2

In part one I wrote about how the Lord uses a series of messages to get my attention when He needs to tell me something. Over the next two parts of this devotional, I have a couple of personal stories I’d like to share that exemplifies this truth. One has already come to pass, while we wait for the second to manifest itself.

First example: The initial message had been a persistent sense that something significant was about to happen. There was a foreboding with the message, so I believed the Lord was warning me about some trouble ahead. I did not want to make much about it, but did tell my wife so we could prepare our hearts.

What we did next is very important…we went on with life and did not concern ourselves with this matter. If the Lord is in control, nothing catches Him by surprise, so there is no need to fret over something, especially if it hasn’t happened. “Worry is down payment on a problem you may never have.” Joyce Meyer

The next message was through my daily devotionals. For a few days the message was to rely on the Lord for all our needs. He is our comfort during a ‘suddenly’ of life, the things that happen you did not see coming, especially when it pertains to personal health and finances.

The last message came at the end of a sermon at church. The pastor had been speaking about reacting as Christ would to trouble. He explained it was his responsibility to warn people that difficulties happens in life, so it is essential we prepare our hearts and minds. As soon as he spoke those words, I knew the Lord was speaking directly to us. The next morning we learned one of our contracts would be reduced with a significant loss of income. However, the Lord knew this was coming and had already prepared our path. Over the next few days we were able to pick up several other events that replaced most of the lost income.

As I’ve typed this morning, I’m reminded of the story of Joseph. The Lord turned his brothers action, selling him for slavery, into the path that would save the nation of Israel from famine. “You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.” Geneses 50:20 There is power in knowing our Father is always in control, even when life looks the worst. More in part 3.


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