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Trained for War

During my military days, we used the term ‘quick turn’ as a way of expressing the minimum time on the ground before we sent an airplane on to it’s next destination. We are in ‘quick turn’ mode at Motormania TV as we head into a very busy summer for both of our teams. Often during our short stays at home, we will enjoy a meal out…last night was one of those evenings.

We headed off to a favorite local eateries for dinner. As we were seated, we met a pleasant young lady who would be our waitress for the evening. As she took our drink order, she made a comment about the shirt I was wearing. I had on my ‘Not A Fan’ shirt from the book by Kyle Idleman. I explained the meaning of the shirt, (Not A Fan means, I’m not a fan of Jesus, I’m a follower, there is a significant difference.) She was intrigued by that thought which lead to a conversation about our faith.

She was brought up in church, but had wandered away from the Father’s house for a variety of reasons. She’s been looking for a place to worship, but had not found one so far. We recommended a couple of local churches pastored by friends we’ve known for years. This happens often to Joanne and I as we walk through life as Christ followers. The Lord lines up our lives with His people so we can touch their lives with our faith. It happens often, sometimes daily.

We must be ready to us our life experiences as the Lord sees fit. That is only possible through our relationship with Him by study, prayer and fellowship.

Ask yourself this question today, Will I be ready when the opportunity presents itself?


Trained for War
TGIF Today God Is First Volume 2 by Os Hillman

“Praise be to the Lord my Rock, who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle” (Psalm 144:1)
You’ll never experience God in powerful ways by acquiring Bible knowledge alone. It is only when that knowledge is used in the heat of battle that you will know the reality of what you’ve learned intellectually. Otherwise, it remains only an exercise in spiritual gymnastics that yields little fruit.

David became a great warrior and leader of a nation at an early age. His training ground was his job as a shepherd in the open fields. When bears and lions sought to take his sheep, he personally fought them. This was his early preparation for future battles. Goliath was the real competition amongst a discerning audience to reveal how well his training prepared him.

Today, our local churches often look more like luxury cruise liners designed to tickle the ears, entertain its members and make them feel good instead of a battleship designed to train an army for war. The average member still watches from the sideline.

In sports you discover how well you handle pressure by competing. You can practice all you want but never know how you will do until you enter the game and test what you’ve learned and practiced when there is pressure added to the equation. In battle you discover how well you are trained by what you actually do on the battlefield.

Have you ever prayed with someone in public? Have you ever personally led someone to Christ? Have you ever served others for the sake of the Gospel? Have you ever taught a Bible study? If you said no to these questions, you are not engaged in the game. Today, why not ask God to give you the grace to step onto the battlefield.

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