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The Purpose of Elevation

Sometimes I feel like God is taking forever to move me from one place to the next in my walk with Him and in our business. I get anxious when it seems like we should be moving faster than we are. I’ve always been in a hurry in my life. A hurry to grow up when I was a kid, a hurry to be the boss when I worked as a teenager, a hurry to make the next stripe when I was in the military and hurry to get to the next race to win my championship.

When the Lord finally got hold of me, the first thing He did was slow me down….way down…I’m talking S L O W M O T I O N slow me down. When I finally realized how much I was missing, I started to walk through life instead of running. I notice the shapes of the clouds, or the beauty of the sunset, the color of fall or the life of spring. There is so much around us each day that we simply miss because we are running through life.

Slow down today, sit and relax, look out the window, day dream a little, soak in the presence of the one who made it all. In His timing you will be moved from where you are to where He wants you next. I know my life is much better now than before. My only regret, taking this long to slow down to enjoy it.


The Purpose of Elevation
by Os Hillman

“And the Lord said to Joshua, ‘This day I will begin to exalt you in the sight of all Israel, that they may know that, as I was with Moses, so I will be with you.’” (Josh 3:7-8).

Joshua had been a faithful number two man under Moses for 80 years. Can you imagine serving one man for 80 years? Now that is faithfulness!

Even so, when the time came to pass the mantel to Joshua, God knew he needed to be elevated in the eyes of the people in order for Joshua to accomplish his purpose. That is the purpose for elevation – so that you and I can fulfill our purpose and our mission.

We are not called to elevate ourselves. If we elevate ourselves before our time we will short circuit God’s plans for our lives. We will not have the same level of grace as we would have if it were in God’s perfect timing. Jesus refused to let others elevate Him or make Him into something contrary to His purpose. Moving into a job or responsibility before we are ready is a formula for failure. We may not be mature enough. We may not have the proper skill set.

Let God elevate you in His timing and you will be successful in the thing He created you to be and do.

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