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The Purpose of Crucibles

I use to really hate tests. I was not a very good student, probably because I wouldn’t focus on my studies. I mean after all, there were cars, hot rodding, girls, sports, work, friends and a whole lot of other stuff I thought was way more important than learning about geometry and grammar and all that other stuff. I found out later it would all boiled down to passion, I didn’t have any for school and a lot for everything else!

It took me a while, but I finally got down to understanding how important it was to study for tests. Not in high school, but school in the military. I had a passion to learn about airplanes. Once I started receiving consistently high scores, it fed on itself. Being prepared became my norm.

It’s no different in life. As I walk with the Lord each day, I find life tests are becoming easier. My quiet time with Him allows me to learn more about His ways preparing me for what’s ahead. My grades are improving…I’m passing more tests and receiving consistently higher scores.

Spend time with the Lord each day. When life’s tests come, you’ll be better prepared to handle them.


The Purpose of Crucibles
by Os Hillman

The crucible for silver and the furnace for gold, but the Lord tests the heart. – Proverbs 17:3

This proverb describes one of God’s strangest mysteries. It is a description of God’s formula to refine the human heart in order to bring out its finest qualities. The significant leaders who make the greatest mark for the Kingdom had to experience their own crucible and fire. Without it, the dross can never be removed from the human heart. Without it, the encumbrances weigh us down. God understands the human heart. He understands that for us to become all that He hopes for us, there are seasons of fire. Joseph went through many tests. Succeeding in the test qualified him for greater responsibility. The greater the use in the Kingdom the greater the crucible to prepare the right foundation. Some of God’s greatest crucibles are found in the workplace where we live every day: the employee who betrays our trust, the client who refuses to pay, the vendor who falls short of our expectations.

Each of these is a test from God to find out how we will respond. What tests are being brought your way today? His grace has been provided that we might pass the tests that He brings before us. Should we fail, we need not fear. His grace is sufficient for this as well. Ask God for the grace to walk with Him in whatever tests He has placed before you this day. He is able to accomplish what He wants for you.

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