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The Power of Relationship

“I want to know Christ and the power of His resurrection….” – Philippians 3:10

The start of this year has been a little harder than normal. We left in late January for our first event and worked the next 4 weeks with no break to speak of. By the time we got to our last event, our ‘speed week’ of drag racing, we were tired. After 7 days at that event, we were bone tired and looking forward to our week at home.

An unfortunate side affect of being this busy is the the lack of deep fellowship time with the Lord. Yes, I have time to read and pray, my conversation with the Lord is on going. But to have time to worship and absorb His truths is just not possible. This often leads me to binge watch message series from one of my favorite preachers, Steven Furtick. Through 3 messages over 2 days and a time of fellowship at a local church, I heard the following:

– What are you missing? What are the resources the Lord has put in front of you that you are not seeing?
– If you can believe a little, you can do a lot.
– God’s plan or mine, God’s fame or mine, is what you are doing good for the Gospel or good for you?
– Are you missing what is, because you are stuck in what was…have you become so confortable with where you are you refuse to move forward?

Let that last one sink in…

Change is constant in life and I have found it is also a constant in business. The only way I can deal with any of it is through my relationship with the Lord. The thirst I have for Him outweighs the discomfort I have for change.

Yes it is overwhelming, yes it is tiring, but the journey to the next change, the next level, the next place He has for us is always an opportunity to deepen our relationship with Him. Just remember, He has not brought you this far to leave you on the side of the road. Everything He does with and through you brings glory to Him even when you don’t see or understand what is going on. Stay focused on the task He has given you, keep your eyes on Jesus and keep moving forward.


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