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Speak to Your Mountain

Dealing with the stress of our expansion, yes even when you walk with the Lord you have stress, has been an interesting process. I attempted to anticipate certain things by building spare parts into our program and teaching Jack and Joanne as much as I could over the last few months. But as we know, stuff happens in life! While they dealt with an errant generator, bad chassis battery and a bad brand new battery back up, I was dealing with a refrigerator that was not cooling.

Jack did a superb job of handling the issues on his end, while I started a conversation with a refrigerator technician online. After several test, it appeared the thermistor was bad, so I order a repair kit and a full replacement part just incase. The parts would be here on Saturday and Monday. My last thought was, “Lord help me deal with this.”

I was in and out of the coach Thursday and Friday, each time I would check on the frig, nothing had changed. The freezer was fully defrosted and the frig was room temperature. At one point I thought about turning it off, but decided to leave it alone. I was just hoping the parts would fix the issue and it wasn’t something more serious. Again I asked the Lord to help me.

Saturday morning I went out to the coach for something and in passing checked the refrigerator. To my surprise, it was working! The freezer was frosty and the frig was cooling nicely. I periodically checked the frig on Saturday, yep still working. I loaded all the food back in on Sunday and it’s been perfect since.

Did the Lord help me by fixing my refrigerator? Sure seems so…normally when something is intermittent, it’s intermittent. The refrigerator is working better than it ever has.

What is broken in your life today. Ask the Lord for help and guidance and be prepared for His perfect will in the situation.


Speak to Your Mountain
TGIF Today God Is First Volume 2 by Os Hillman

“Have faith in God,” Jesus answered. “I tell you the truth, if anyone says to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart but believes that what he says will happen, it will be done for him (Mark 11:22-24).

I taught an all day training session at a church a few years ago. Several months later I received a letter from one of the participants sharing a testimony about the principle of using your authority to speak to your mountain in your workplace.

“I own a video company that shoots a variety of projects. One day, my editor discovered a videographer’s worst nightmare – a garbled mess of video picture and little or no audio on tapes that I had shot the weekend before. Four tapes of raw footage from two separate events were ruined.
I prayed that God would restore my tapes. I got an odd sense of peace and knew God had answered my prayer. I relayed to the group that I believed God had told me that the tapes would be fine in a day. My associate challenged me to put in the tape anyway and not wait. I put a tape in the editing deck, and right before our eyes, the tape now had a perfectly clear picture and audio where there had been no sound moments before.

The next morning, I entered my editing room with great anticipation. I put in one of the remaining damaged tapes that contained footage from a wedding, but the video was still scrambled and there was no audio. My wife heard me and came in to look over my shoulder. I prayed out loud over the ruined footage and reassured my wife that God loves us and would take care of things. I kept praying as I watched the screen.

Then suddenly, before our eyes, the tape began to clear up. Just as the pastor announced how God intimately loves us, I turned to look at my wife and saw the tears streaming down her face. Apparently, God had rigged this moment to touch her deeply on issues that only the two of them knew about. Not only did God save my business, but He also ministered to my family through this crisis-fixing miracle.”

What type of mountain might God want you to speak to today?

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