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Seeing the Works of God

Staring out the window this morning watching the sunrise against a bank of clouds and blue sky. With it’s pinks, light oranges and shades of yellow, it’s a thing of beauty. I’m always amazed at the majesty of our Lord and the depth of His grandeur. I wonder how many folks will take the time to stop and take in it’s depth?

Mornings like this give me hope that our Lord is truly in control of the world around us and has a master plan for everything that will happen. We have waded out into the deep water and find ourselves far from the shore in uncharted waters waiting for Him to show us our next move.

The tasks ahead for our team are monumental and at times overwhelming. For the first time ever, I am fully trusting the Lord for our outcome. There is no plan ‘B’, no looking back, only looking forward. Join us as we walk His path for our lives, we pray it encourages you as you learn to trust Him deeper.


Seeing the Works of God
by Os Hillman

Others went out on the sea in ships; they were merchants on the mighty waters. They saw the works of the Lord…. – Psalm 107:23-24a

When you were a child, perhaps you may have gone to the ocean for a vacation. I recall wading out until the waves began crashing on my knees. As long as I could stand firm, the waves were of no concern to me. However, as I moved farther and farther into the ocean, I had less control over my ability to stand. Sometimes the current was so strong it moved me down the beach, and I even lost my bearings at times. But I have never gone so far into the ocean that I was not able to control the situation.

Sometimes God takes us into such deep waters that we lose control of the situation, and we have no choice but to fully trust in His care for us. This is doing business in great waters. It is in these great waters that we see the works of God.

The Scriptures tell us that the disciples testified of what they saw and heard. It was the power behind the gospel, not the words themselves, which changed the world. The power wasn’t seen until circumstances got to the point that there were no alternatives but God. Sometimes God has to take us into the deep water in order to give us the privilege to see His works.

Sometimes God takes us into the deep waters of life for an extended time. Joseph was taken into deep waters of adversity for 17 years. Rejection by his brothers, enslavement to Pharaoh, and imprisonment were the deep waters for Joseph. During those deep waters, he experienced dreams, a special anointing of his gifts to administrate, and great wisdom beyond his years. The deep water was preparation for a task that was so great he never could have imagined it. He was to see God’s works more clearly than anyone in his generation. God had too much at stake for a 30-year-old to mess it up. So, God took Joseph through the deep waters of preparation to ensure that he would survive what he was about to face. Pride normally engulfs such young servants who have such access to power at such a young age.

If God chooses to take us into deep waters, it is for a reason. The greater the calling, the deeper the water. Trust in His knowledge that your deep waters are preparation to see the works of God in your life.

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