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Performing Miracles With Your Staff

God uses ordinary people to do the extraordinary. The first thing we have to do is surrender to His will. When I retired from the military I had 2 options, fulltime ministry or go back to work in a civilian position with the military. In my eyes, working for the government would have given my family an immediate financial boost and secured our future in the long term.

My other option was to do what the Lord was asking me to do. It meant leaving the life I’d known for nearly 30 years and venture out into the unknown. That was a scary proposition for a none risk taker like myself. Through the support of friends and our church we stepped out of the boat and accepted the call to minister.

What has happened since that decision is very different from what I ever expected. I really thought I’d eventually pastor or pioneer a church and continue to minister to His people in and through the traditional avenues most Christ followers have been raised in. That was not His plan. We went from holding chapel services and ministering to God’s people on and off the race track to starting and growing a business. That business has become a front runner in it’s category and continues to grow at an amazing pace. The really cool thing, we still get to minster to God’s people through our business. The other really interesting thing, I never saw any of this coming.

What is it the Lord is asking you to do? What talent is hidden from view that He wants to use to glorify His will for your life? If you are uncertain, then spend more time with the Father. He will answer, the key is patience.


Performing Miracles With Your Staff
by Os Hillmam

“But take this staff in your hand so you can perform miraculous signs with it.” – Exodus 4:17

What is the staff God has put into your hand? Is it being a builder? Is it being an office worker? Is it being a doctor? Moses’ staff represented his vocation as a shepherd. God had something in mind for his vocation – to perform miracles. And awesome miracles He did! God turned the Nile river into blood with the touch of the staff. He turned the staff into a snake. He parted the Red Sea with it. These are just a few of the miracles God did with that staff.

When we yield our talents and abilities to the Lord, God can perform miracles through them. First, Moses had to yield what He had in his hand to God. Only after this took place could God use that staff. As long as Moses held onto it, God could not and would not perform miracles through it.

Until we come to this place with our heavenly Father, we will fail to see miracles performed in our work. He delights in showing His power through us. When we become an open vessel, we can expect to see things happen.

Have you given your staff to the Lord? Offer it to Him and see what He might want to do through it. Your life will never be the same.

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