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Perception Is Not Reality

I love our Fathers timing in how He speaks to me as an individual and us as His children. Since I started writing these supplemental devotionals, each time this particular devotional about perception comes through the rotation, it speaks specifically to my current situation.

On Sunday while returning from our latest event in Martin, Jack hit a deer with his motorhome, nearly a year to the day when we hit a deer on the way to Washington state. Fortunately we had just connected at a fuel stop. He had decided to turn around and come back to sleep at the truck stop when the accident happened. This seemed to be one more thing that has caused us to become discouraged over the last few week and caused us to question our path.

We pulled together as a team to improvise, adapted and overcome the situation. We made the vehicle safe for the journey home, ordered parts, slept and headed in our assigned directions. A situation that might have stopped many others fueled our zeal for the path He has us on. There is strength in numbers…where 2 or more are gathered in His name…

If you are feeling discouraged today, take heart, pray for guidance and keep moving forward. If the enemy can make you look back and long for what was, like the Israelites on their exodus from Egypt, you will never reach the place He has for you or the life He has promised. Adversity is one of the greatest tools we have to help us grow our faith. Time to double down!


Perception Is Not Reality
by Os Hillman

“The lions may roar and growl, yet the teeth of the great lions are broken.” – Job 4:10

In the advertising business we often say that “perception is reality” for the person who views our advertising message. It does not matter whether the audience believes the message to be true, only that they perceive it to be true. Their actions will be the same whether they believe it or only perceive it.

The enemy of our souls is very good at this game. He may bring on us what we perceive to be true when it is a lie. It may appear that there is no way around a situation. He may bring great fear on us. When we buy into his lie, we believe only what we have chosen to perceive to be true. It usually has no basis of truth. Such was the case when Peter looked on the waters during a night boat journey with the other disciples. At first glance, he and the disciples screamed with fear, thinking that what they saw was a ghost. It was actually Jesus.

Satan’s name means “accuser.” He travels to and fro to accuse the brethren. He brings an impressive front to all he does, yet behind that front is a weak, toothless lion with a destination that has already been prepared in the great abyss. He knows his destination, but he wants to bring as many with him as possible; so he often has a big roar, but little bite.

The next time some event comes into your life that creates fear and trembling, first determine the source. Look past the emotions and evaluate the situation in light of God’s Word. Perception is not always reality.

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