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Coming Out of the Stronghold

I have found when I become comfortable with my surroundings, it’s time for the Lord to stretch me. If the ultimate goal is to be more like Christ, then it makes perfect sense that this would be the case.

We find ourselves in a new (yes new, this is not the first nor will it be the last) season of growth with our business and ministry. We have received 3 calls, over the last 2 weeks, to stream several more events. To meet the increase demand, we must grow the company. That means we need more equipment and the right people to help. We have already found some of the folks, now we need the capital for the gear.

I sat down with my banker yesterday. That was a pretty tall order for me. I really struggle when it comes to asking for help in anything. I stopped by to make a deposit. I normally use the drive through out of convenience, but was led to go inside. I ended up sitting down with the branch manager. I spent 30 minutes talking about our company and the need to expand. It was a very encouraging meeting.

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Moses’ Staff

When the Lord first started the transition of what we do for the Kingdom from the pulpit to the plow, we thought JAMA was finished.  The poor economy had shut down many of the racing series we ministered in, leaving little work in those circles.  He had me step down as the chaplain for the last series we where involved in and turn it over to folks that were closer than the 1100 miles away I was.

I can honestly say I was depressed as I looked for what was next in my walk.  During that time, He lead us to help a friend who was pioneering a church about 30 miles south of us.  We spent a year there as the Lord transitioned us to a deeper understanding of His call to move to marketplace ministry.

During that year, we would start Dragstory.com which would lead us back into the pulpit and heavy blending of work and ministry.  It was a transformational time for us as we realized our opportunity to minister was much deeper in the secular world than that of Christendom.

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The Work of God

The church is a local body of believers, not a building, a denomination or movement.  The pastor and staff are responsible to teach, to equip the saints for service inside and out of the local body, not to take the Gospel to the streets.  This is what we have missed as followers of Christ.

Feed the poor, touch the lost, missions to foreign nations, helping your fellow man when he’s down and out are all admirable ventures.  What about that guy or gal at work who you sit next to all day every day?  Do they see the risen Christ in you?

We have opportunities every day to be Jesus to those around us just by allowing the one who saved us to shine through our daily activities.  This is not about being one of those obnoxious bible thumping Christians, yes I did just say that and go there, that don’t practice what they preach, this is about being Jesus to people.

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The Purpose of Elevation

Sometimes I feel like God is taking forever to move me from one place to the next in my walk with Him and in our business. I get anxious when it seems like we should be moving faster than we are. I’ve always been in a hurry in my life. A hurry to grow up when I was a kid, a hurry to be the boss when I worked as a teenager, a hurry to make the next stripe when I was in the military and hurry to get to the next race to win my championship.

When the Lord finally got hold of me, the first thing He did was slow me down….way down…I’m talking S L O W M O T I O N slow me down. When I finally realized how much I was missing, I started to walk through life instead of running. I notice the shapes of the clouds, or the beauty of the sunset, the color of fall or the life of spring. There is so much around us each day that we simply miss because we are running through life.

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