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Giving Him the Key

A couple of years ago I read a book written by Kyle Idleman title, ‘Not A Fan’. In the book, Idleman describes the differences between being a fan of Jesus and being His follower. What he explained boiled down to the difference between being a Sunday Christian or daily follower of Jesus.

As Christ followers, we can not compartmentalize our lives. There can be no part of our life that is hidden from the Lord. Sounds almost amusing doesn’t it, trying to hide something from the creator of the universe. Open and transparent to our King allows light to shine into every nook and cranny of our lives. Yes, at times my past is deeply embarrassing, however, He uses that past to bring others to Him because of the depth of forgiveness I have received.

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Battleground of the Mind

When you’re waiting for God’s timing, the enemy will work his hardest to bring doubt and condemnation into your mind. This is the place I find myself today, struggling with the ‘what ifs’ of tomorrow compounded by the ‘what dids’ of yesterday. The enemy will use the truths of your past to condemn you.

Yes, I did many things wrong in the past, things I’m ashamed of, things I wished had never happened. The truth is, they did happen. When I’m in a time of testing, a time of waiting on the Lord, the enemy floods my mind with those truths.

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Creating a Memory

What inspires you? For me, I’d have to say it’s when the underdog wins. I love hearing about how someone, against all odds, was able to accomplish something great in life. More often than not, it’s because they stuck it out through a tough period or had an idea that they knew would work, it was just a matter of pushing through adversity.

My grandpa use to say, “Anything worth having is worth working for.” Marriage, a new job and a great idea are just a few examples of something worth working for.

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It’s My Problem

Several years ago the animated movie Robots was released. The story was about a young robot that wanted to grow up to be an inventor. He modeled his life after the character Mr. Bigweld of Bigweld Industries. Mr. Bigweld was always inventing something, his motto was, “See a need, fill a need!”

It’s said that most business are started because of one of 2 reasons, to fill a specific need or it grows out of a hobby/passion an individual has for a given subject or area. My passion for sportsman drag racing is what’s driven the creation of MMTV. Sportsman racers are the backbone of the sport. While the professional drivers may garner 90% of the publicity, the weekend warriors are the ones responsible for keeping the business of drag racing afloat.

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In The Zone

If I try to take in all of the tasks ahead of our team, there is no way I can maintain my focus on the job in front of me, it is overwhelming. My greatest comfort is knowing the Lord is with me every step of the way, He has never failed me, He has never forsaken me and His plans are perfect. I’m reminded you walk a mile one step at a time and you win races one round at a time.

A few days ago the song Oceans, by Hillsong United, caught my attention and captivated my spirit. I posted the lyrics and Youtube video on my Facebook wall. The video is also on the front page of the JAMA website. This song is my resetting place as we navigate our current situation.

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Placing Trust in our Strength

A few weeks back I was struggling with how to handle the financial end of our expansion. Was I suppose to add up all of the potential income and projected costs for the season to present to the bank, or was I suppose to trust the Lord? My mind kept going between counting the costs (Luke 14:28) and David counting his fighting men (1 Chronicles 21:14). As I study each passage I realized David counted his men out of pride and in Luke Jesus was speaking of counting the cost to ensure you understood the task could be completed.

Some would think it was silly for me to be concerned. I understand, but, having been the type of person I was for so many years (a manipulator of people and situations) I wanted to ensure that I was following the Lord’s leading and not my own.

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