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In The Zone

If I try to take in all of the tasks ahead of our team, there is no way I can maintain my focus on the job in front of me, it is overwhelming. My greatest comfort is knowing the Lord is with me every step of the way, He has never failed me, He has never forsaken me and His plans are perfect. I’m reminded you walk a mile one step at a time and you win races one round at a time.

A few days ago the song Oceans, by Hillsong United, caught my attention and captivated my spirit. I posted the lyrics and Youtube video on my Facebook wall. The video is also on the front page of the JAMA website. This song is my resetting place as we navigate our current situation.

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Placing Trust in our Strength

A few weeks back I was struggling with how to handle the financial end of our expansion. Was I suppose to add up all of the potential income and projected costs for the season to present to the bank, or was I suppose to trust the Lord? My mind kept going between counting the costs (Luke 14:28) and David counting his fighting men (1 Chronicles 21:14). As I study each passage I realized David counted his men out of pride and in Luke Jesus was speaking of counting the cost to ensure you understood the task could be completed.

Some would think it was silly for me to be concerned. I understand, but, having been the type of person I was for so many years (a manipulator of people and situations) I wanted to ensure that I was following the Lord’s leading and not my own.

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Seeing the Works of God

Staring out the window this morning watching the sunrise against a bank of clouds and blue sky. With it’s pinks, light oranges and shades of yellow, it’s a thing of beauty. I’m always amazed at the majesty of our Lord and the depth of His grandeur. I wonder how many folks will take the time to stop and take in it’s depth?

Mornings like this give me hope that our Lord is truly in control of the world around us and has a master plan for everything that will happen. We have waded out into the deep water and find ourselves far from the shore in uncharted waters waiting for Him to show us our next move.

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Passing The Test

Many years ago, a pastor friend told me I would have to pass 3 tests as a minister, the gold, the girls and the glory. I have to amend it to say in life you have to pass 3 tests and it does not necessarily apply just to men.

The gold…we’ve never been rich people, that’s just not part of our family history, not in the past nor do I necessarily see it in the future. I have learned to be happy eating hot dogs or steak. Our bills are paid, clothes on our backs and food in our bellies…what more could a person ask for? I am blessed.

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