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Thirsting After God

There are times when those around me, in Christendom and the business world, are basking in great success while we toil away day after day, month after month, year after year in what seems like relative obscurity. There are times when I wonder if there is any lasting impact from our efforts. If it sounds like I’m a little jealous of others success, I am. Not green with envy kind of jealous, but a deep reflection on what real difference we are making as we walk the path He has laid before us. When I start to feel this way, the Lord is quick to show me the influence we’ve had in both worlds.

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The Purpose of Crucibles

By far, this has been the strangest off season we’ve had since we started our business. At times it seems as if all we’ve been doing is wandering around with no direction. We know that is not true. Every season of life has a purpose, even if we are not sure what that purpose might be.

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Wrestling With God

Been there done that…how many times have you heard someone say that? I wrestled with our Lord on many issues over the years. Everything from how I wanted to live my life to my dependency on the world for all of my needs. While I’d like to say I was a quick study, that simply was not the case. Hard headedness seems to be in my nature…yep, rebellious plain and simple.

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Your Positioning

Does your reputation precede you? When people discuss you or your business, do they see you as a person of integrity? The only thing we truly have control of in life is our name. When the chips are down, can you be counted on to do the right thing even if it costs you money?

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Seeing The Big Picture

Hebrews 11:8 ‘By faith Abraham, when called to go to a place he would later receive as his inheritance, obeyed and went, even though he did not know where he was going.’

Could you imagine waking up one morning and telling your wife that you, her and all you possess would leave the comfort and security of your father’s house to head west on a journey with no location, time table or any understanding of what you would do when you got to this place based only on the promise of a being you could not see. She would look at you like you where a mad man and wonder about your sanity. That’s exactly what the Lord asked Abraham to do.

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The Work of God

The church is a local body of believers, not a building, a denomination or movement. The pastor and staff are responsible to teach, to equip the saints for service inside and out of the local body, not to take the Gospel to the streets. This is what we have missed as followers of Christ.

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Management by Force

How we create our schedule each year is fairly straight forward. We start with our previous years schedule as a starting point, working with the promoters who have already asked us to return, and then add any new races around those. As we approach the new year, our schedule is normally fairly well set with only a few details to work out. That is not the case this year.

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