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The Work of God

The church is a local body of believers, not a building, a denomination or movement. The pastor and staff are responsible to teach, to equip the saints for service inside and out of the local body, not to take the Gospel to the streets. This is what we have missed as followers of Christ.

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Management by Force

How we create our schedule each year is fairly straight forward. We start with our previous years schedule as a starting point, working with the promoters who have already asked us to return, and then add any new races around those. As we approach the new year, our schedule is normally fairly well set with only a few details to work out. That is not the case this year.

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A New Heart

My mom use to say I was the most loving and the most demand of her children. As I grew older and walked farther away from the Father’s house, my heart started to grow harder as sin became the norm in my life. I finally got to the point where I was so selfish that all I cared about was my needs and not those around me, especially my family.

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Business as Usual

If you are a Christ follower, it’s impossible to run your business by the world’s standards. Christ is an integral part of my life and our business. To try and have separate standards for how I live my life and how we operate our business would be like trying to take the tea out of the water once it’s brewed, it’s not happening.

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Paying it Forward

Before I became a Christ follower, whenever I helped someone, I expected a reward of some kind. I use to get really upset when I’d help somebody and they didn’t have the common courtesy of at least saying thank you.

When I stopped being a fan of Christ and started following Him, there was a fundamental change in my perspective on life. I no longer expect a reward for my service, I’m simply following His call in my life. It’s not always easy either. Sometimes I argue with God when He asks me to do something…I’m sure He gets a chuckle out of that.

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God Gives Us a Desire for Our Work

God has wired each one of us with a unique set of skills designed to be used to build the Kingdom.

For me, I love technical things. Since I was a young child I remember being fascinated by electronics. I had a small transistor radio that I was intrigued with. I had no clue how it worked, but loved to disassemble it, look at all of the components and then reassemble it. It always worked when I got done much to the surprise of my parents.

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Seeking His Face

Until March 3rd 2001, I did not have a relationship with the Lord, I simply feared Him. I was raised to fear God and had no understanding of His grace, mercy or love. I walked through life waiting for the ‘other shoe to drop’, because I was always doing something wrong. In the long run I figured it didn’t make any difference. I was a lowly sinner, it was only a matter of time before judgment would strike.

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