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The Fallacy of Full-Time Christian Work

If you are a Christ follower, you are a minister regardless of what you do for a living. Fourteen years ago I would not have said that nor would I have agreed with the notion of marketplace ministry.

Over the last 5 years, as the Lord has grown our business, we have seen Him touch many people through our work. We find people talk to us more as ‘secular’ workers than ministers of the Gospel. Often folks would put on their ‘church’ face when we were the official chaplain of a series. Rarely would they be real in how they spoke with us or what they would share with myself or my wife simply because they did not want to offend us because of who we were.

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Not everybody can sing or play an instrument or speaks eloquently or is good with kids or the youth or the 20 somethings or understands technology. Each individual is equipped with a given set of skills. Very rarely do you meet some who does all of the above well less alone someone who can do more 3 or 4 of these things with excellence. However, it’s been my experience that we can all do at least one thing well.

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A Time of Remembrance

One of the things we’ve done, while moving the office, is attempting to go through all of the stuff we’ve accumulated over the years so we can get rid of as much as possible. One item in particular was eye opening for us…old phones. We had at least 3 generations rat holed away. So we charged them and deleted all of the content in order to recycle them.

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New Beginnings

In the bible, the number seven represents the completion and perfection of things that are both physical and spiritual.  2017 was the 7th year MMTV streamed sportsman drag racing.  While we have been streaming drag racing since 2006, MotorManiaTV was birthed in 2011.  MotorManiaTV, just like Dragstory, was started at the direction of the Lord to be a company that represents Him in the Marketplace.  Most of the time we get that right, sometimes we do not or our actions are mistaken for something they are not.  When we get it wrong, we do our best to make it right and seek forgiveness.

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Walking in the Darkness

It seems like the Lord has been silent the last few months as we’ve worked through a complete change in how our business operates. With us temporarily shutting down our second unit, we’ve had to do some serious soul searching on how to move forward. As always, the Lord has shown the way.

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Transparent Living

3 John 1:3 ‘’It gave me great joy when some believers came and testified about your faithfulness to the truth, telling how you continue to walk in it.

One of the greatest tools I was given upon returning to the Father’s house was the need to live a transparent life. Nothing hidden, everything out in the open, always tell the truth.

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