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Esther, Made for this Moment

We start a new series this Sunday based on the book of Esther and all that happened to her and those involved with her story. But is it really her story or a story about the goodness of our God?

Join us at our new time Sunday 7:25 for, part 1, The Real Hero of Your Story.


Life in the Spirit

I lead a life unlike many these days. I am led by the Spirit of the Lord. That’s not always an easy task, especially when times are tough or when I want something that’s outside of the Lords timing.

Join us early tomorrow morning at 7:25 as we learn more of walking with the Lord daily.


Change the Channel

These days the busy of life, work and ministry can get monotonous. On the way home from our latest trip, life seemed overwhelming. I was tired, Joanne was tired and we knew we had a big task in front of us moving our business from one town to another 25 miles apart.

I started to dread what was next when I sensed the Lord say, change the channel. I knew in an instant what He meant. Join us at 8:25 to hear more.


The Power of Obedience

Over the years I’ve heard and been involved in many discussions about being obedient to the Lord’s direction for your life. I had one friend tell me that prosperity was the result of an obedient life.

No, this is not a prosperity message, but a lesson on what God does for His people if we are willing to follow His direction. Join us early at 7:25 Sunday morning to learn more.


Rest an Anxious Mind, part 3

As we get ready to finish up our last part of the message ‘Rest an Anxious Mind’, the Lord has shown us again that He is in complete control of the situation, every situation.

Join us at 8:25 as we finish up this message with our last 3 ways to hand an anxious mind.



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