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It's not about making a point…let's make a difference

Junkyard Faith

God’s gifts reach across our lives like nothing else. Even the gifts of your family, friends or your adversaries can impact you in a variety of ways.

Join us at 7:25 tomorrow morning to learn more.


Where’s Your Gratitude?

What fuels your level of gratitude? Money, possessions, position or is it something else?

Paul said he learned to live with much and to live with little. Can you say the same?

Join us tomorrow at 7:25 as we talk about being grateful for what the Lord has given us.


The Flavor of God

Jesus often used parables to explain how we should act as Christ followers. In Matthew 5 He spoke about Christ followers being salt and light to the world. Just what did He mean by this and why did He compare us to salt?

Join us at 7:25 to hear more.


Grateful for Grace

Are you ready to share your grace story with people. Do you know how to do that? Are you one of ‘those’ Christians at work?

Join us tomorrow morning at 7:25 to learn more about how we should show our gratitude to the Lord through our lives as Christ Followers.



His love endures forever, no matter what we do or say or how we act, He loves us unconditionally. Not sure we can quantify what forever means.

Join us at 7:25 tomorrow morning for more of a message we just can’t get enough of!


A Revelation for Today’s Church

Many years ago I had a dream, one that was so real, so poignant, it woke me in the middle of the night.

The dream faded from my memory until this week when the Lord brought it back to my memory. Tomorrow morning at 7:25 I’ll share the dream and what the Lord says it means.



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