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As we’ve navigated our business expansion, I have relied on Godly council from 2 sources, my wife and closest and oldest friend. Each step of the way, every major decision has been discussed in-depth with each of them. Along with Godly council, we have prayed for our Lord’s will at each crossroads. A mistake at this point could be costly and have a significant negative impact on our fledgling company.

We’ve talked in the past about how the Lord will speak to us through our family, friends, church, the scriptures and the circumstances of life. As we were returning home from our most recent trip, a tractor trailer passed us. Written in the dirt on the backdoor were 2 scripture verses, Colossians 3:16 and Proverbs 3:5-6. I knew instantly what the Proverbs quote meant but was uncertain of the quote from Colossians. As I read through the verse from Colossians, I realized they spoke of the same thing, looking to the Lord and His word for wisdom in decision making.

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The Black Hole

‘Whom Shall I Fear’ by Chris Tomlin, remains my anthem in our season of expansion. While we have not received an absolute answer from our bank on our loan request, our meeting with them yesterday left us with little hope they will help. No harm, no foul, simple reality, they do not see the future the same way we do and do not have faith in our vision.

This is one of those times when I know our Father is sittin’ in heaven watching all of this unfold, He’s leaned back on His throne, looks over His shoulder and say, “Hey Jesus, watch this, I’m about to blow a few peoples minds!” This is not the first time our Lord has done extraordinary things for us.

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Strange Instructions

Shortly before I retired from the military, I ‘happened’ upon a racing organization in Canada. I had a deep sense the Lord wanted us to minister with this group yet had no contact with anyone within the group.

With no clue who to talk to, nor what it would be like to cross the border post 9-11, I made contact with one of the associations racers. I asked about the possibility of racing with the group. He thought it was a great idea and encouraged me to race with them during the coming year. Placing our trust in the Lord, we stepped out to race and hopefully minister in Canada.

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Religion Trips Us Up

For years I lived under constant condemnation from the ‘laws’ I was brought up under during my childhood. My grandmother was a great lady, but very religious. Her religion affected everybody around her. Unfortunately, that attitude, coupled with a constant stream of hypocrisy, turned me away from the church in my teens. I walked away from the Lord because I was just a sinner and ‘going to hell’ anyways, so what did it matter?

In the early to mid 90’s, I was introduced to God’s grace and mercy. Actually, I was introduced to a loving Father who wanted the best for me. It would take me years to delete the religious upbringing etched in my DNA.

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