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Moving Ahead of God

“The LORD has kept me from having children. Go, sleep with my maidservant; perhaps I can build a family through her” (Gen 16:2).

No one is better at convincing me I should do something than me. I could get it in my head that this is the direction I need to go and there would be very little that could convince me NOT to do something once I had made up my mind. That led to me buy things I did not need to impress people I did not know with money I did not have. The result was a debt that I am just climbing out of 16 years later.

Today when I’m going to spend money on anything other than normal day to day needs, I take it to the Lord, especially if it means we need to borrow money. That is what we did when we looked at expanding to 2 teams. We prayed about and discussed the possibility for well over a year. In His timing, the Lord opened the doors of opportunity for work, provided the right equipment and people to make the expansion possible. While we have incurred some debt in the process, the path to pay that off is clear and short. It requires one thing, discipline.

We find ourselves in the same situation today. We have seen the need for a ‘fly kit’ for many years. This would allow us to ship equipment to a location and fly the crew in for the events. After many years of praying, waiting and watching the Lord has opened the doors for us to create this kit. The potential for the program is exceptional and could easily be the way of the future.

I’ve written before that not every good thing is a God thing, however every God thing is a good thing that ultimately has impact for the Kingdom. Patience is a virtue our society has little stomach for these days and is one of the reasons our culture is in such disarray. I have found if I am willing to wait for the Lord’s timing, the outcome will always be fruitful.

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