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Livin’ The Dash – All In

Over the last few weeks we’ve met two people whom we really don’t know much about, the nameless widow and the prophet Elijah. We saw how, in spite of their circumstances, they were obedient to what God asked them to do. It took great courage to do the bidding of God. Elijah took on the most powerful man in all of Israel and a widow woman who was willing to give up the last of her food to feed a complete stranger in the time of famine. How did they get to the point in their lives where they could be obedient to God’s word under such dire consequences?

It’s really very simple, the leading of His Holy Spirit. The Lord is with us on our journey through life. There are many things out of our control, like tore up electrical service, the behavior of others and the past. But, what we can control is our response to Him and to the circumstances in which we find ourselves.

Join us at 7:05 for praise and worship and then a message about following God unabashed!

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