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Horizontal Versus Vertical

Yesterday we received confirmation we will be streaming over 60 events in 2014. We were waiting on one customers final schedule. This was the group that had a competing company bidding on a portion of their schedule in the 11th hour. It was hard for me to ‘sit on my hands’ while I waited for a decision. However, I knew I had to trust the Lord.

I did make a final email pitch for our services before the meeting with the other company. It was a simple 4 bullet statement explaining our experience and capabilities. In the end the racing group chose to use us to stream all of the races we originally bid on and work side by side with the TV production company. I did not see that one coming at all!

Next step is to purchase the equipment for the second unit. We are waiting on the bank. I’m encouraged by how the Lord handle this situation. He knows exactly how long we have until the second unit has to be completely functional, so we will wait for the Lord to work out all of the details. After all, we won’t be home for another week, so trying to do anything before then is just silly.

Our Lord’s timing is always perfect. He has it all under control, we must simply wait when all we are suppose to do is wait. Taking matters into your own hands can have disastrous results. Look at what happened to Moses when he decided to help his people in Egypt outside of the Lord’s will. Death and banishment, could it get any worse?


Horizontal Versus Vertical
by Os Hillman

Glancing this way and that and seeing no one, he killed the Egyptian and hid him in the sand. – Exodus 2:12

Moses saw the pain of his people. He saw the bondage and the injustice. His heart was enraged, and he decided he would do something. He would take matters into his own hands. The result was murder. The motive was right, but the action was wrong. He went horizontal instead of vertical with God. Moses fled to the desert, where God prepared the man who would ultimately be the deliverer of a nation. But it took 40 years of preparation before God determined Moses was ready. He was a professional businessman – a sheepherder. It was during the mundane activity of work that God called on him to be a deliverer.

Moses was like a lot of enthusiastic Christian workplace believers who seek to solve a spiritual problem with a fleshly answer. The greatest danger to the Christian workplace believer is his greatest strength – his business acumen and expertise to get things done. This self-reliance can become our greatest weakness when it comes to moving in the spiritual realm. We’re taught to be problem solvers. But, like Moses, if our enthusiasm and passion are not harnessed by the power of the Holy Spirit, we will fail miserably. Peter had to learn this lesson too. His enthusiasm got him into a lot of trouble. But God was patient, just as He is patient with each of us. Sometimes He must put us in the desert for a time in order to season us so that Christ is allowed to reign supreme in the process.

Before you act, pray and seek the mind of Christ until you know it is God behind the action. Check it out with others. You may save yourself a trip to the desert.

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