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Hearing His Voice

Does the Lord speak to His people on a daily basis, yes. I hear Him in many different ways. This is my most recent experience. At a race 2 weeks ago, we had a problem with one of our more sophisticated pieces of equipment that required we send it back to the manufacturer. The box I would normally use was at home, but there are plenty of resources on the road, so no need to go home just for that.

When we are on the road between events, we normally stay at an RV park. I had tried to get reservations at a place outside of Tupelo, MS but for some strange reason I could not get them to return a phone call or email. This was the first time this had ever happened and was my first indication that the Lord had ordered a change in what we were suppose to do. So instead of heading to our next event in Mississippi, we decided we would go home to ship the gear back to California.

“He who belongs to God hears what God says. The reason you do not hear is that you do not belong to God.” – John 8:47

On our way home, the promoter of the next race let us know he would have to postpone the event because of a very bad extended weather forecast. (Great call, it rained all weekend.) So instead of sitting in an RV park for a week, we got to be in the comfort of our home…it gets better.

Shortly after we got home, we noticed an odd smell in the house. Eventually we discovered our freezer had failed and was quickly defrosting. Initially we thought we had lost everything, over $250 worth of food, but that was not the case. While some things were unthawed and needed to be cooked to save them, we only had to throw out a hand full of things, less than $20 worth of food. Had we not gone home, it would have cost us nearly $500 between the lost food and an extended stay in a RV park.

Was He speaking in an audible voice, no, but knowing Him and knowing how He communicates with me I knew something was up. I simply needed to trust His direction. It is only through my relationship with Him that I was able to do so. How does the Lord speak to you?


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