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Going Without Jesus

I have either read my bible or a daily devotional nearly every day since March 3rd 2001. Not because I felt obligated or out of fear, but because I wanted to know the ways of our Father. After running my own life for 30 years and doing a pretty good job of messing it up, I knew my only hope was in Him.

The depth of my relationship with the Lord has grown to a level of intimacy that it takes very little for me to see or understand His direction for my life. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t days I wander of the road, it happens. However, I’m quick to recognize His gentle hand guiding me back on the right path.

I could not imagine walking without Jesus. I look at where I was and where I was headed when I was doing it my way and shudder to think what my life would be like had I continued on that path. I live with zero regrets.

If you find your life is without peace, I highly recommend you seek a relationship with Jesus. If you are willing to accept His path and guidance in life, you will never want to go back to the way things were before. Just like my relationship with my wife, I could not imagine my life without Him.


Going Without Jesus
by Os Hillman

“…they were unaware of it.” Luke 2:43

Mary and Joseph traveled to Jerusalem for the Feast of the Passover. Jesus was 12 years old. They were evidently very distracted by the excitement and business of the Feast. In fact, Mary and Joseph began their return trip to Nazareth only to realize well into the trip that Jesus was not with them. It would be three days before they would be reunited with their 12-year-old son. It caused quite a scare in Mary and Joseph, and they reprimanded Jesus for “wandering” off.

As a parent, I find this story truly amazing. How can parents of the Son of God not know their son is not in their presence? Yet this story illustrates how each of us can become so busy that we continue to operate not realizing that Jesus is no longer with us. Obviously, there was very little fellowship taking place between Jesus and His parents during the trip.

Are you experiencing daily, even moment-by-moment, fellowship with Jesus? If not, you will wake up one day and realize Jesus is not with you in your endeavors. It may, like Mary and Joseph, create a certain fear in you that you may have lost a very important relationship. Doing business without Jesus’ presence leaves us powerless and prone to live in fear. Jesus said He would never leave or forsake His children. However, we can walk away from His fellowship by refusing to be with Him. Do not let this happen to you. He longs to have daily fellowship with you because He loves you.

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