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God’s Double-Talk

Relationship, relationship, relationship…let me shake that bush one more time! We can never get where God wants us to go without a daily relationship with Him. It’s simply not possible. Imagine only checking in with you wife, husband or children once a week. It would be impossible for you to chart a course forward. Yet that is what many Christ followers do with our Father.

As my relationship with the Lord has grown, so has the vision He is giving me for the future. Some years ago I was sitting in church and saw tractor trailers and crews stationed around the US. I always thought that was where He was taking the ministry. I am now convinced this has more to do with our business than with JAMA. That being said, JAMA is part of who we are at a DNA level. You get one with the other, you can not take the tea out of the water once you make tea. No, we are not those bible thumpers you’ve come to loath. We are simple people who live by the principles laid out by Jesus, love God, love people.

I had that vision in late 2001. It took 13 years for me to start to understand what the Lord was doing. The path ahead is almost breath taking as each day He reveals more and more of what He is doing. Had He shown me then what we would be doing now, I would have laughed. The technology we use to stream racing had not been developed.

If the Lord has given you a vision for the future, even if it’s only a glimpse, stay connected to Him as you wait for further direction. That’s what we have been doing and continue to do. The path He has chosen for us is amazing, He wants the same for all of His children.


God’s Double-Talk
by Os Hillman

“The Lord said to Moses, ‘When you return to Egypt, see that you perform before Pharaoh all the wonders I have given you the power to do. But I will harden his heart so that he will not let the people go.’” Exodus 4:21

Have you ever had a boss tell you to do something only to have him sabotage your ability to complete the task? Nothing is more frustrating than to begin to carry out a task and have your superior thwart your effort to do what he asked you to do. Moses must have felt this way after God told him to go to Pharaoh and tell him to release the people of Israel. He said, “I am going to give you the power to release the children of Israel by the miracles I will do through you.” Yet at the same time, He told Moses they would not be released because He was going to put a hard heart in Pharaoh. How do we reconcile this?

In my own life, I knew God called me to certain endeavors. Yet every time I turned around, a roadblock stood in my way. It took years of plodding along before the light came on as to why there was such a distance between what God called me to do and the manifestation of that calling. When David was anointed king of Israel, it was years before he realized the manifestation of that calling. There were a number of reasons for these delays.

In the case of Moses and Israel, God wanted to demonstrate His power in such a way that generations would be able to hear the story of their deliverance from their ancestors. God wanted greater glory from the situation. God also wanted to deal with Egypt by sending specific plagues. Finally, the very process built character in Moses and tested Moses to see if he would stay the course.

There is a time for everything. If God has called you to some endeavor and you are frustrated that it has not manifested, know that times of preparation and simmering are required before the vision can be achieved. Seldom does God call and manifest something at the same time. There is preparation. There is testing. There is relationship building between you and God that must take place. Once this is complete, you will see the vision materialize.

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