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Getting Refueled

Our schedule can be grueling at times. This year we’ve been gone more than ever. While we are not necessarily streaming more events, the way the schedule lays out, it just makes sense to stay out on the road instead of going home between the races. While that in it’s self presents a different set of circumstances we have to deal with, the biggest thing we must do is find time to rest.

To help with the fatigue we stop and spend a day or two at an RV park somewhere along the way. While the normal chores of cleaning, laundry and shopping must be completed, we also take time to rest from the road and refuel mentally and spiritually. The mental part is easy, there are tons of distraction to rest your brain through movies, reading or just taking an afternoon nap!

Spiritually, I try to watch a sermon or just take a real opportunity to spend longer times with our Father. My daily devotionals help me maintain my balance with our crazy schedule. However, there are times when I need more, something deeper to refuel my life. That’s when I seek Him and His wisdom through worship. That can manifest itself in a much deeper quiet time, often with much prayer and worship through song…no not me singing, but listening to praise and worship music. It really does sooth my soul.

Staying connected with the Lord is very important in the hectic world we live in. It’s the only way I maintain my sanity. Spend some quality time with Him today, it will make all the difference in the world.


Getting Refueled
by Os Hillman

“Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed” (Mark 1:35-36).

How do you get refueled? When our cars run low on fuel, we simply drop by the local filling station to get more fuel. When our bodies are hungry, we feed them. How do we refuel our spiritual lives? We can learn from the example Jesus modeled in His life.

In the New Testament we see that Jesus had a very demanding schedule. He traveled from town to town, often walking many miles between the towns. He spent a lot of time with people. As a speaker and teacher I can tell you that it is very draining to minister for extended periods. Your body and your spirit becomes fatigued.

The day before the above scripture was recorded, Jesus had a full day of ministry healing the sick, delivering people from demons and walking to different cities (Mark 1:29-37). The following day it says Jesus got up before the sun rose and went to pray. The disciples were wondering where He was.

When Jesus was on earth, He was fully man. Everything He did was based upon receiving specific directions and power from His father to do them. He was not operating as God, but as a human being with the same limitations you and I have. So, Jesus knew one of the key ways to refuel His mind, body and spirit was by spending time in prayer to His Heavenly Father.

This is a critical discipline for every follower of Jesus if you expect to have power and victory in your Christian walk. We each need to find a solitary place to focus upon the Lord, His Word and His input for our lives.

If this is not a part of your daily experience, why not start tomorrow with a few minutes of focused time of reading and prayer. You will be encouraged with the new spiritual focus you will have by making this a priority.

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