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Experiencing God in Your Business

I’ve always played it safe. Instead of taking a risk, I’d rather go down the path of a sure thing. That was how I operated in life before the Lord got hold of me on March 3rd, 2001. The ride since then has been simply incredible. I have done things and experienced more life than I thought possible. This after nearly 30 years in the military and traveling all over the world. I was always a bit of an adrenalin junkie, but this is so much more than that.

It was not easy trusting Him with my life, but that’s what it took. I had to get out of my ‘boat of safety’ to have the life the Lord planned for me from the beginning of time.

We accomplish very basic planning for our business. I don’t look for work, work comes to us. I simply decide who is going where and what unit will stream a given event. Yes, we look at the future and what we may need to stay current with trends in the business, equipment and techniques, but beyond that, we rely on the Lord for the path we walk.

The ‘Maniac’ our mascot for MotormaniaTV is a frog. The frog was chosen because it represents how we walk in life, we Fully Rely on God. His path for your life will always be much more than what you would choose, He wants the best for us, no different than you or I would want for our own children.


Experiencing God in Your Business
by Os Hillman

“Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” Hebrews 11:1

The CEO walked into the president’s office after reviewing his new marketing plan for the next year. It was a well-prepared, thoughtful plan.

“This will not do!” exclaimed the CEO. “This plan describes how you will achieve these objectives through your own planning. I am certain you can achieve these objectives through normal business operations; however, you have allowed no room for faith in your plan. Now you must determine what God wants us to trust Him to accomplish through this business. You must go beyond what you can naturally achieve.” What was this CEO saying? If you and I want to experience God in business at the practical level, we must be willing to trust Him for more than what our natural abilities can accomplish. God likes to show Himself in the midst of unlikely circumstances. This is the place that God receives the glory. God always forced Israel to trust Him for the supernatural. This is how glory was brought to the Father. It is no different in our lives.

The world is looking for real faith. Perhaps you are the instrument that He wants to use to demonstrate real faith to the unbelieving business world. It will require courage, faith, and action; also, it will require risk. You may risk finances, reputation, and being misunderstood. This was the risk of all leaders in the Bible. It was a risk worth taking. Are you willing to see God move in your business life? Ask Him what this might mean for you.

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