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Effective Leadership

Obedience to the Lord can be hard at times, especially when it comes to you money. For whatever reason, it seems I get asked for help at the gas station more than any other place on the planet. I can’t tell you how many cars or gas cans I’ve filled with fuel or how many dollars I’ve given while pumping at any given stop through my travels. It’s become common enough that I don’t even ask a question, I just smile, help and send them on there way with a blessing. Yesterday was no different.

We were on our way home from picking up the new generator for our second unit. We stopped just south of the state line to fill up. As I was about to pump, two young men in their early 20’s asked if I could spare a gallon of fuel. I looked at them ask for their 5 gallon can and filled it. They were very grateful, thanked me as I sent them on the way. Jack looked at me as I reset the pump to fill his truck. I simply stated, “He always does this to me.” He knew I was talking about how the Father uses me from time to time.

Did I suspect their story was a bunch of bologna, yep…but in these situations I have discerned it’s what the Lord wants me to do regardless…so I do it. It was an example to my son of how I follow the Lords will for me life. Sometimes the things He asks me to do are easy, other times not so much. Regardless, my actions speak to the role He has me play to help grow the followership of those around me through my actions.

What’s the Lord asking you to do today? Will you comply?


Effective Leadership
by Os Hillman

“And when the Israelites saw the great power the Lord displayed against the Egyptians, the people feared the Lord and put their trust in Him and in Moses His servant.” – Exodus 14:31

What makes an effective Christian leader today? Is it charisma? Is it ability? Is it communication and oratory skills? God’s view of an effective leader has nothing to do with these qualities. They may be a part of an effective leader. However, the core attribute of a Christian leader is his integrity with God and his obedience to follow Him. When this happens, God manifests His power in and through that leader. Moses was effective because he was willing to obey the commands God gave him. When Moses did this, God manifested His presence in him. The result was that people followed. They followed because they saw God working in and through the man. They saw that this man was worthy of following because God’s anointing was on him.

When people see the Lord’s power manifested in your life, they will have a healthy fear of the Lord. They will look at you and say, “This person has something I don’t have that is worthy of more investigation.” Your challenge is to seek the Lord with a whole heart, resulting in God’s power being manifested in the daily activities of your life. When this happens, you can expect others to be drawn to what they see in you. The problem with many Christians today is that non-Christians see nothing different about the way they live to motivate the unsaved to desire their faith.

What makes you different from your neighbor? Is your experience with God noticeably different from that of the man next door? If you’re not experiencing regular encounters with God, it’s time to ask why not. We don’t live day-to-day for the next spiritual experience, but we should see by-products of a life centered in God that is reflected in fruit from His presence in our lives.

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