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Crazy for God

I often feel that folks see Christ followers as complete whack jobs. Seriously, at times the Lord asks us to do things or say things that go so against what society sees as the norm that you know they are whispering to themselves, there goes that goofy Christian again talking all crazy about what his God wants him to do.

How we operate our business is just one example. I can’t tell you how many times we have talked about putting together a proposal to find a title sponsor for Motormania TV. He always reminds us, at some point in the conversation, this is not what He wants. Instead He wants us to wait on Him to provide. We lack for nothing we need to operating our business.

It even translates into who we hire to work for us. This past year the Lord brought us a great camera guy. He worked out well. However, as the year neared it’s end, he explained he was going to ramp up his own business and would be leaving our employment. Most folks would have freaked out since we only operate with 2 man crews on most of our jobs. We didn’t, we knew the Lord would provide…and He did. He brought us a young man that is equally as talented and is local to our location…bonus!

I have found our Lord to be trustworthy in all things great and small. He delights in doing for us just like we do for our own children. When He asks you to do something out of the ordinary, consider your history with Him, not what the world might think. You never know what impact you will have until you step out in faith and do as He has asked.


Crazy for God
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by Charis Hillman Brown

“Instead, God chose things the world considers foolish in order to shame those who think they are wise. And he chose things that are powerless to shame those who are powerful.” -1 Corinthians 1:27

Have you ever felt God tell you to do something unusual? Have you ever heard God speak on something that would happen, but what was spoken has not yet materialized? This somewhat uncomfortable situation happened to many leaders in the Bible; such as Joseph, Abraham, Noah, Joshua, Gideon, and Jesus.

Abraham and Sarah were promised a son- but were very old. Sarah was so old, she even laughed at the idea! (Genesis 18:12) Joseph was thrown into a pit after his dream, long before his dream would ever come to fruition. Joshua walked around Jerico 7 times…I’m sure the sixth time his men wondered what in the world was wrong with him, and Jesus couldn’t do miracles in His hometown because there wasn’t any faith. (Mark 6:1-6) Gideon had an identity crisis. “How can I rescue Israel? My clan is the weakest, and I am the least!” (Judges 6:15) And when Noah was instructed to build an ark because “a storm was coming that would wipe out the entire earth” (Gen 6:13) we can only imagine what his neighbors must’ve thought.

Often times there is a big chasm between our reality and the things we are believing God for, but it doesn’t mean we should waiver in our belief that it can and will happen. The reality is, if we cling to God, the dreams and the purpose He’s given us will materialize, just as they did for Abraham, Joseph, Joshua, Noah, Gideon and Jesus.

Is there a big chasm between your reality and what you’re believing God for? Keep believing for His promises to come true. God can work when we work out of obedience and believe.

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