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Focus on the Lord

Maintaining focus in today’s world has gotten even more difficult with all that’s going on. This attention-grabbing life we live is full of distractions and its constant pull draws our focus away from our true purpose – our relationship with God.

What are the pitfalls of these distractions and how do we keep ourselves from falling into them?

Join us at 7:25 Sunday morning to hear more.


A Place Called “There”

As we walk the path the Lord has set before us, we often find ourselves in place that is unfamiliar and, at times, uncomfortable. I call that place “there”.

It doesn’t have a name because it’s not somewhere you want to stay, yet we find ourselves in “there” as we walk with the Lord. The question is, what to do as we wait?

Join us at 7:25 Sunday morning for A Place Called “There”.


Mind Games

Confused…that’s the best way to describe how I feel often these days. It’s like my sanity is slowly slipping away, yet the truth of scripture fly’s in the face of our daily reality. What in the world is going on!?

Join us at 7:25 Sunday morning to hear more and maybe, just maybe find the truth our Lord is been trying to show you.


Share the Blessings

I have a few questions, are you blessed by the Lord? If so, then how are you sharing your blessings with others? If you aren’t sharing, why not?

Paul gave the Corinthians and us some great words on the Lord’s blessings.

Join us at 7:25 Sunday morning to hear more.


His Victory

I have learned again, this past week, that the Lord is in complete control of our world no matter what you believe. He showed me some very interesting realities in our scripture for this message and those verses surrounding it.

Join us at 7:25 eastern to hear what He showed me.


Peace in the Change

So many things are in turmoil these days. Rising costs across all aspects of our lives. Criminals that seem to go unpunished and a political system out of control with corruption and lies every where we look. It makes you wonder if anything can change.

Paul talks about a peace that transcends all understanding, one that comes from the Lord. But how, where and when do we get that peace? Join us at 7:25 Sunday morning as we discuss a peace that can only come from our Father.


Knocked Down, Then Get Up!

The enemy attacks us constantly. He wants to see if he can dissuade us from the path our Lord has for us. Isaiah was trying to get the Israelites to return to the Lords path for them as a nation. They were stiff necked and unresponsive. We can learn much from what they failed to do and what we should be doing.

Join us at 7:25 Sunday morning to hear more.

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