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The Problem is the Pattern

This is an incredible message, I urge you to take the time to watch it. I can’t explain the volumes it’s speaking to me in our current season.


That Thing – Pastor Steven Furtick

God’s power is unlimited, and as Christians we know there is nothing too big or difficult for Him. Yet, when we call on God, pleading with Him to fix that thing that’s broken or hurting in our lives, we have a hard time believing our own prayers. But God knows our deepest needs, and when He answers our prayers in His way, He does more than change our lives – He heals our hearts. In this sermon, Pastor Steven uses a profound event in Jesus’s life to teach us that, even when our faith is shaken, God is not. And when we bring our most desperate prayers to Christ, His answers are greater than we could imagine.


This Man Jesus

I receive emails from Angus Buchan (Faith Like Potatoes) a few times monthly updating us on his ministry.  I also follow him on Facebook.  This morning he posted this video on done by one of the young men under his charge.  I believe you will find it as interesting as I did.


Avoiding Self-Based Faith

I remember when I was living apart from God. I knew I needed a relationship with Him, but kept putting it off because I wanted to ‘get my life right’ before I came back to the Fathers house. I guess I wanted something along the line of a conquering hero’s welcome. Believing that was the way it was suppose to be was a big lie.

In all actuality, I found it was much better for me to come to Him in my brokenness. He accepted me right where I was with no preconditions. Coming humbly before the Lord, in itself, taught me the lesson of grace. He accepted me with all of the ugliness of my sin and choose to forgive me completely.

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