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Business as Usual

If you are a Christ follower, it’s impossible to run your business by the world’s standards. Christ is an integral part of my life and our business. To try and have separate standards for how I live my life and how we operate our business would be like trying to take the tea out of the water once it’s brewed, it’s not happening.

Even with all of the miracles of modern science, there is no way to return the tea to the state it was before you put it in the hot water. So it is with us as Christ followers. Once you experience the miracle of salvation, you will be forever changed and that change will be seen in every aspect of your life.

Ask yourself one question today, if you are a Christ follower, are His ways reflected in how you live your life at home and work? If not, ask Him to show you what needs to be different.


Business as Usual
by Os Hillman

“And she gave birth to her firstborn, a son. She wrapped Him in cloths and placed Him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn.” – Luke 2:7

Imagine if the God of the universe decided to visit planet earth as a new baby and you were given the opportunity to host His first night-in your hotel! Think of the future promotional possibilities…”God stayed here His first night!” You could sell tickets to see the room where He was born. What an opportunity to make history as a small-business owner!

God had need of a business owner’s establishment one night 2,000 years ago. But there was no room for God in this business that night. There was no room for the unexpected miracle; no awareness of what was taking place in the heavenlies, no sign that God might be reaching out to this workplace believer to be used like no other in all of history.

Every day God has need of some man or woman’s job. He wants to demonstrate miracles in their work. But there is no room in their work for Jesus. He is not asked to participate.

That night God slept in a stable. That night a business opportunity from Heaven was missed. It was business as usual.

May we all have spiritual eyes and ears to know when our Master needs what He has entrusted to us for His purposes.

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