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An Eternal View of Circumstances

Last year I came under heavy personal attack for taking a stance on a specific subject. I was called all kinds of names and lied about. My creditability and integrity were called into question. As I pondered how I should respond, the Lord whispered to me and said, “say nothing, I will be your defender.” That was hard, way hard. I’ve never been persecuted at that level, especially in full view of the public.

A few weeks later, the persecutor became the persecuted. This person made a very public mistake trying to help someone with a problem. They were caught and chastised by the same group that was used to chastise me. As I started to revel in their pain, (we should never do that, Proverbs 24:17 Do not gloat when your enemy falls; when they stumble, do not let your heart rejoice,) the Lord again whispered to me, tell them he should be forgiven, it was an honest mistake and they should move on. I did and the situation basically died.

I have no idea if my actions impacted this individual, but it did impact the situation. I pray I never have to go through that kind of fire again, but if the Lord chooses that I do, then I will remember how I handled this situation.

We have no idea of the ripple affect of our actions. As one small pebble is tossed into a pond, the effects are seen over a long distance. This is how we need to live our lives as Christ followers. When trouble comes, go to the Father and ask Him to help you. Your resulting actions will changes lives.


An Eternal View of Circumstances
by Os Hillman
“Now I want you to know, brothers, that what has happened to me has really served to advance the gospel.” – Philippians 1:12

Are your life circumstances advancing the gospel? Can you see the Lord’s hand in your life in such a way that all of your life experiences, joys, sorrows, hardships, and training have resulted in advancing the gospel?

Paul was a tentmaker by trade. But he had an overall ministry objective in his business life. That objective left him imprisoned and persecuted at times. But Paul saw these events not as roadblocks to his mission. Rather, they were catalysts to advancing the cause of Christ. Paul’s revelation of this kept him from despairing about his circumstances.

One day a little-known pastor who lived in the small African nation of Benin began to pray for his Marxist president. For two years he prayed. Then the Lord told the pastor to go to meet this president and share the gospel with him. The president rejected the gospel, but after another such occasion, the president accepted the gospel and became a Christian. He was removed from power but was discipled by this pastor. Sometime later this same president was elected again. Today that president is now a Christian leader of a nation committed to spreading the gospel throughout his nation. One man – yet millions have been affected by his obedience. This modern-day story is retold in countless lives of those willing to live for a cause greater than themselves.

Are your work and life experiences serving to advance the gospel? What experiences has God allowed in your life that are part of His plan to advance the gospel? Ask Him to help you see your life the way He sees it. Seeing our life the w

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