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A Two-Way Relationship

We got an unusual break last month, 3 weeks at ‘home’. I say ‘home’ because we live full time in the motorhome, but we were back at our base in Georgia the whole time, it was nice to say the least. While there were many tasks to accomplish during our down time, there were few, if any, demands on our time.

Over the years, we have talked about finding a place where we could park both production vehicles, house our offices and store our personal items we have no room for on the road. I took it upon my self to do some searching and found a few places that were of interests. We went and looked at 3 that seemed to have potential with one in particular that appeared to be perfect. We contacted the realtor and asked about the specifics of that one. Now it was time to pray for direction. The Lord did not wasted anytime in answering our prayer, it was not time.

The day we looked at that building a guy pulled into the RV park a few spaces from us. I kept hearing his generator starting and stopping and was wondering what was up. The opportunity arose to strike up a conversation while he tinkered. I was no help in diagnosing his generator issues, so he called a mechanic he had do some work on the coach the day before to help him out. A few hours later he was all fixed and ready to go. I wandered out to say goodbye and asked what they found…a loose and corroded electrical connector was the culprit.

He had seen the scripture on the side of our coach, Psalm 66:5, in our earlier conversation and asked what it meant. I explained and then asked him where he was headed. He is driving to Topeka Kansas to see his son and grandkids. He had not seen any of them in years and felt the Lord tell him it was time to get out of Florida and see family and friends. As he explained what he was doing, I was instantly prompted to pray for safe travels, a wonderful visit and asked our Father to bless him. It was a deeply touching moment for both of us.

I explained what had happened to my wife and realized we are where He wants us doing exactly what we are suppose to do. If we had not stayed at the campground while we were home, there would have been no divine appointment and no God moment for either of us. Being able to link everything together is only possible through our relationship with the Father. Spend some time talking with the Lord today, just remember listening is just as important as talking.


A Two-Way Relationship
by Os Hillman

“He wakens me morning by morning, wakens my ear to listen like one being taught.” – Isaiah 50:4b

The prophet Isaiah describes his relationship to God as a relationship that has two-way communication. Have you ever felt that your communication with God was only one way – you to Him only? Isaiah tells us, “The Sovereign Lord has given me an instructed tongue, to know the word that sustains the weary…. The Sovereign Lord has opened my ears, and I have not been rebellious; I have not drawn back” (Is. 50:4-5).

The key to Isaiah’s relationship with God lies in four important principles:

1. He had an instructed tongue. Isaiah had given over rule of his life completely to God’s purposes.
2. He knew the word of the Lord, which allowed him to sustain and encourage others.
3. He took time to listen.
4. He did not flee from the tough assignments. He didn’t shrink back.

If we are to be able to listen to God, we must follow the same principles. Knowing and spending time studying God’s Word allows the Holy Spirit to bring to mind His instructions for what He wants for us. Recently, I became very busy in my work and other activities. It wasn’t long before I felt distance between God and me. I had to make a conscious decision to carve out more time alone to listen, study, and meditate on His Word. This is the lifeline for the follower of Jesus. When we begin to lose the relationship, we are susceptible to becoming rebellious, going our own way. Invest your life in this relationship so that you may continue to hear His voice and sustain the weary ones around you.

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