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A Time of Remembrance

One of the things we’ve done, while moving the office, is attempting to go through all of the stuff we’ve accumulated over the years so we can get rid of as much as possible. One item in particular was eye opening for us…old phones. We had at least 3 generations rat holed away. So we charged them and deleted all of the content in order to recycle them.

As I deleted text, phone conversations and contacts, I found 5 individuals that had passed from this world; Brian Olson, Danny Sons, George Howard, Rick Walter (my brother) and Roland Osborne. Each of these individuals had a significant impact on my life, either before I retired from the military, or after, and started working in motorsports ministry, web design and drag racing media.
Is it a little sad, yes, but, they live on in my heart and I pray I will see them all again when the Lord determines it’s my time to go home.  As I write, I am reminded of Ecc 3:1 – There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.
While remembering those near to us who have left this world is important, touching those close to us has a level of significance all unto it’s own.  Honor the memories of your loved ones who are gone, but more importantly love on those that are still with you!

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