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Suffering for the Salvation of Another

Recently, one of the local Christian musicians we know had a song of his picked up by the Christian radio stations K-Love. I first heard the song a few weeks back and thought to myself, “Hey I know that guy!”. His name is JJ Weeks and you can listen to the song, ‘Let Them See You’ on Youtube

It started as a prayer that JJ said every morning. He wanted people to see the Christ in him, he wants his actions to be Christ like in everything he does. Over a 2 year period, that prayer turned into a song and is now being played on a national level.

Imagine what a difference we could make if we said that same prayer every morning? More of you Lord, less of me. In every situation, allow your light to shine through. When I’m on the mountain top let them see You, when I’m in the valley of despair, let them see You. May my actions always reflect You no matter what.


Suffering for the Salvation of Another

“Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of Me.” – Matthew 5:11

Recently, a friend told a true story about one of his closest friends who experienced great suffering for the soul of his persecutor. This man worked on a cargo ship. His boss was the captain. This friend was a committed Christian who shared his faith with others and was a good worker. One day the friend led the sea captain’s girlfriend to Christ. The sea captain already hated and ridiculed the Christian worker because of his faith in Christ. When his girlfriend came to Christ, she stopped sleeping with the captain. The captain blamed the Christian man for the change in his girlfriend. One day he entered the restaurant where the Christian man was having lunch. He walked over to his table and began hurling obscenities and began beating him. The Christian man simply tried to defend himself but did not fight back. The captain kept beating him until eventually the man lay on the floor bleeding.

Two men entered the restaurant and saw what was taking place. They jumped the sea captain and took him outside and began beating him. The sea captain was beaten so badly that he needed immediate medical attention. The Christian worker saw the condition of the sea captain, came to his aid, and began helping him. The sea captain was so moved that this man could do this after he had literally beaten him bloody that he began to weep, not understanding what could move a man to have such love in the face of being beaten. The sea captain accepted Jesus at that moment.

The Bible tells us that while we were yet sinners Christ came and paid our penalty so that we might live eternally. Many in the workplace have never known the love of Christ. You might be the only one they ever meet who can introduce them to this love. Ask God to show you how to love the unlovable in your workplace today.

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